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By thirdeyeartwork, 12/31/2010 about
Just wanted to say Happy New Year ! and love your work, once i get my blog up and going do you mind if I add you as a link? See ya later
"Holy #%@!"
By thirdeyeartwork, 11/11/2010 about
You have fantastic artwork and one of a kind! I love those who are original, keep up the good work and beautiful to top it off. Thanx for bringing out a new type style to the art world. Clinton Z. (thirdeyeartwork)
By samanthabear101, 5/26/2010 about
Hi! I'm new to www.zazzle.com I was wondering if this was a safe site? Ty for ur time!
"gr8 artwork"
By rishibajpailko, 3/25/2010 about
Crystal your art work is really nice, gr8 imaginatios i too wna join zazzle how can i plz help me my id : rishi.bajpai.lko@gmail.com
By animaltreasures, 3/22/2010 about
Love your work, especially your header.
By ktreadwe, 10/16/2009 about
Great Design!
"Cool art! Love the Vermeer takeoff. Wow."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 10/16/2009 about
Looking forward to what I hope will be more takeoffs on classic pieces.
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7 results