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Cure Autism Now (CAN) is an organization of parents, clinicians and leading scientists committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical research in autism through raising money for research projects, education and outreach. Founded by parents of children with autism in 1995, the organization has grown from a kitchen-table effort to the largest provider of support for autism research and resources in the country. The organization's primary focus is to fund essential research through a variety of programs designed to encourage innovative approaches toward identifying the causes, prevention, treatment and a cure for autism and related disorders. For more information, please visit: www.cureautismnow.org

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""Curing" Autism"
By justme, 10/10/2014 about
When people spread the idea that autism is some sort of 'disease' that needs to be cured, they start to see the person as less, because autism is a part of who you are, and therefore, leads to incidents of bullying, like the duct taping incidents in Deleware. unfortunately, people don't realize this, so they keep saying 'cure autism', and then, wham, another bullying incident happens.
By adrianasimo, 1/13/2010 about
Great way to promote awareness.
By Kids_T_Shirt_Designs, 2/26/2009 about
Great gallery! KidsT-Shirt Designs and Gifts.
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