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WELCOME TO MY SITE If it is your intent to purchase an item from this site, giving support and thanks to the Veteran that has served proudly. Please do note, that if a hyperlink comes up that says " see similar items " or " maybe you would like this also " .... That " Those links are to other sales sites and not mine, ALL MY ART is tagged with The Alpha Dale or daleone7. Please do not be fooled into thinking the pop up links take you to my art work. I can also assure you that they are not Veterans! If you wish to browse my artwork for purchase, please use the links to the right hand of the page or go straight to the bottom and link to my products directly. If you hover and other links pop up to "similar" or "see what else" links, then you are being directed to another sales site that has nothing to do with my artwork. I feel this issue has cost me sales and is a deceptive and disrespectful practice. If you have specific request for certain types of art from me, send me an in site email or leave me a comment. Thank You and have a wonderful day. The artwork in this shop is 100% created by a Gulf War Veteran that suffers with Gulf War Illness. This is a "Sales Site" all products are for purchase, the themes and products all vary in taste and creation. Proud Veteran of the United States Armed Forces! God Bless All Whom Serve and Sacrifice! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE! Any Glory in these works is God's and God's alone, I merely am a vessel for his works. HAVE A GREAT DAY! "Never give up on your dreams!" THE ALPHADALE MUSIC mp3's My Music "Also Available for download MP3 using THE ALPHADALE MUSIC mp3's link.

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By Art_by_Joanne, 3/10/2009 about
Great Gallery....Awesome Designs and Art....I am a fan..Joanne
"5 stars!"
By Memories_by_Marie, 2/26/2009 about
You have an excellent gallery! I'm a new fan!
"Awesome ideas !"
By mindpixels, 10/29/2008 about
"Hi Dale..."
By Hoffard, 6/29/2008 about
Great gallery you have here! Thanks for joining my fan club... Happy Sunday! Kimberly
By SuzeeQ, 6/17/2008 about
Your Gallery is amazing! Thanks for dropping by and joining my Fan Club! We're mutual fans now!
By jvinnyg, 6/9/2008 about
Beautiful Designs Awesome Gallery Super cool work One million stars from me********************** i'm now a fan of yours
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