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"reply to Cindy"
By Dana Stabenow, 7/21/2014 about
Have a blast!
"We're off to Alaska!"
By Cindy, 7/21/2014 about
We leave in 2 weeks for the trip of a lifetime, hopefully using so much of what we learned from Dana's books to guide us. Mutt is our hero, followed closely by Kate. Thanks, Dana, for so much fun and so many smiles! The Geeseys, Sebastian, FL
"answer to Donna"
By Dana Stabenow, 2/12/2014 about
Thanks so much for spreading the word, Donna!
"answer to Sunny"
By Dana Stabenow, 2/1/2014 about
What a lovely note, Sunny, thank you so much. And yay for you that you donated so many of her books to the Ninilchik Library, a very kind and thoughtful gesture and one that I bet would be much appreciated by your mom.
"Thanks for the memories"
By Sunny, 2/1/2014 about
My dear sweet mother passed away. She LOVED your books and had them all. Many were signed by you. Her books are so precious to me, because she collected them her entire life, and instilled in her six children the love of books. When she passed, I kept a few of her most beloved books, and gave the rest to the Ninilchik Library to build up their humble inventory. Thank you for your gift of writing, and the joy it brings to so many. I love your books as well, and your latest will be on pre-order for my Kindle!
"answer to Karen"
By Dana Stabenow, 1/21/2014 about
No fear, Karen: www.stabenow.com/2013/04/02/why-kate-2020-ends-the-way-it-does
"Kate series"
By Karen, 1/21/2014 about
please say there are more books as I have just read the entire series back to back and are brilliant .Looking forward to the next one .
"reply to Melissa"
By Dana Stabenow, 1/7/2014 about
Thanks, Melissa! No fear, there will be another Kate Shugak novel, you're just going to have to wait a little longer for the nest one. Because http://www.stabenow.com/novels/silk-and-song
""Bad Blood""
By Melissa Kathleen, 1/7/2014 about
Wow, this was a great book in the series! I loved your message in the back to "Will" I hope this is not the last! Will there be a 21st with Kate and Mutt? Is it for sale yet?
"reply to Joan"
By Dana Stabenow, 11/19/2013 about
Thanks so much, Joan! I'll peddle as fast as I can.
"thank you"
By Joan Ponsford, 11/19/2013 about
I only found the " Kate Shugak " books in April by September I had read the whole series , I keep checking to see when the next is out and have seen there will be a book of short stories this year and I cant wait. Thanks Dana I am absolutely enthralled with Kate and Mutt its a breath of fresh air to have a heroine that does not wait for a man to rescue her and is still feminine.
"reply to rickid"
By danastabenow, 6/18/2013 about
Go there, read that: http://www.stabenow.com/2013/04/02/why-kate-2020-ends-the-way-it-does/comment-page-2#comment-294892
"reply to talkstoryauthor"
By danastabenow, 5/21/2013 about
Relax. There will be more Kate Shugak novels.
"say it ain't so"
By talkstoryauthor, 5/20/2013 about
Please, don't let this be your way of ending the Kate Shugak series. I can only hope there will be more novels.
"Bad Blood"
By Becky Dice, 4/16/2013 about
The more I think about it, the more I wonder, because it sounds like Jim is still standing and now has to try and save both or make a choice, which for him in that moment might not be hard, but I would not want to be the man that had to tell Kate I left Mutt behind....
"Bad Blood"
By Ginger M, 4/3/2013 about
I have a bad habit of reading the ending of books before I read the books and unfortunately, I did that with Bad Blood. I still remember how sad I was when Jack died; I will need to wait a couple of days before I will be able to start reading the book. Silly, I know, but it's me. I always love your books, but times in them like Jack's death, Eemm's dying. But good stories and I will survive, but I have got to break that habit. I will have faith that Kate, Mutt will be okay and the next adventure will arrive soon so my heart can quit thumping. Ginger
"Short stories and Bad Blood"
By Becky Dice, 4/3/2013 about
I have ordered some of the short story collections from Amazon, so will keep looking. Had to have Nooses Give after reading Bad Blood. Have to tell you, I was really upset all weekend until I read your comments regarding love and loss. I'm hopeful now and can't wait for the next book. I hope Mutt's OK- I have four dogs! :)
By danastabenow, 4/2/2013 about
The good news, Becky, is that we're publishing all the Kate Shugak short stories a little later this year. The bad news is we're only doing it in e. I'm sorry, but no print publisher has expressed an interest in publishing them in hard copy.
"short stories"
By Becky Dice, 4/2/2013 about
How do I get them all in book form not Kindle?
By danastabenow, 4/1/2013 about
I'm not sure even I can answer those questions, Debbie, but I can point you to a group who can: the Danamaniacs, http://www.facebook.com/groups/Danamaniacs/.
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