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Hi my name is Dan, I just joined Zazzle!! I'm a daddy who likes to doodle. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting my shop O' doodles. I hope my sense of humor rubs off on others:) Please favorite me if you like my comical artwork! What's great is that they are color-me products, which means color them in when your order arrives! Be SURE to check out some of my friends: NatureCraze Neon Design Humorousness StripedPants FunTographer For MORE of dans artwork visit: RobotsArePeopleToo Clicking Here votes for me to be in the Top 100 Zazzle Sites No Minimum Orders! Volume Discounts! 36% off 100+ button or magnets! Great deal for large events. ♥ Save on 2 or more sheets of postage! ♥ Save $1 off each mug when your order 25-49 ♥ 5% off 2-11 sheets of stickers! ♥ 5% off 2-11 ties! ♥ 10% off 11-25 hats! ♥ 10% off 11-25 bags! ♥ 17% off 11-25 aprons! ♥ 17% off 10-49 Keychains! ♥ 17% off 10-49 buttons and magnets! ♥ 36% off 100+ buttons and magnets!

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By geertjan, 1/23/2013 about
Like the doodles! Keep them going!
"Great Products..."
By TidBits13, 12/19/2011 about
It's nice to see a fellow cartoonist in zazzle... I'm a fan...
"Still love your doodles!"
By Meghapotamus, 7/1/2010 about
Moved to a new store (from PearlMeali) & became a fan again!
"Hi Dan, great gallery !!!!!!!!!"
By shirtocalypse, 5/28/2010 about
Thanx for stopping by. Love your quick style, graffiti needs more artist like you !!! Keep on da funky work, greetz from outta space !!!
"Thanks for your visit and kind comments!"
By Regella, 4/25/2010 about
Love your ideas. I'm a fan. Regina
"Super creativity !"
By mindpixels, 4/25/2010 about
By rohan12, 3/28/2010 about
Cute! I'm a fan!
"Fun and Creative!"
By naturenook, 3/13/2010 about
Especially love the robots and puppy designs!
By IzzyBly, 3/13/2010 about
Thanks for your nice comment, Dan. I adore the puppy love design.
"kilroy was here..."
By kilroyworld, 3/5/2010 about
cute work!
"nice site"
By allicor, 2/21/2010 about
just became a fan
By PearlMeali, 2/17/2010 about
great store! your doodles are so silly and wonderful : ) i had to become a fan!
By KirstenEdwards, 2/13/2010 about
Cute doodles! thank you for stopping by and for your comment! :)
By cherriedesign, 2/6/2010 about
for your comment on my store.. I like your doodles, and I think it's better on the light colors... :)
"Love your doodles!"
By Derora, 2/4/2010 about
By birdonthehead, 2/4/2010 about
So nice to meet another doodler. I love your robots!! Keep up the great work!
By someofthedharma, 2/2/2010 about
Keep up the good work! Some of the Dharma
By cardart, 2/1/2010 about
Thanks for stopping by and your comments on my wall. Love your doodles - wish I could draw like you - think i'll have to stick to the photography ! All the best with your store.
By dettehardt, 1/31/2010 about
Love your stuff! Offbeat, whimsical, humerous...what can I say, I'm a fan!
By DigitalCollageShoppe, 1/30/2010 about
Love your doodles! And welcome to Zazzle!
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