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I'm the Internet's most famous Somali cat, feline author and all-around celeb-kitty. You've probably visited my website, http://www.sparklecat.com, and read my diary entries, cat-to-cat advice column (no humans!) and book reviews. Here's where you'll find my official merchandise - mugs, shirts, catpads, notecards and lots more. I've even graciously allowed my pals Binga and Boodie (and the occasional feline visitor) to model for some of the products! Special note!:If there's a photo from my website that you'd like to see on one of my products, let me know at sparkle at sparklecat.com - I'll have my human mock up an example for the store, and if it sells 5 or more, we'll send you one for free!

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By Lula Becraft, 2/21/2013 about
I seen you on a squidoo post and thought I would check out your designs. Cool store and designs!
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