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Bring your ideas to life, Design IT gives you the opportunity to get creative and to have fun designing your unique beautiful PRODUCTS. Show off your favorite photos, designs, your kids artwork, sports team logo, your hometown sports team logo, jokes, cute lines, text and sayings and create a UNIQUE PRODUCT. These products make great gifts too. To make life easier for those who don't have the time or patience to design their own stuff, NO PROBLEM, browse my sections of products on your right. You see, I am USER FRIENDLY! Don't be shy to ask, I will gladly create any "Add to Cart" product you heart desires! NEED HELP DESIGNING? No problem, I am only a message away, I will be more than happy to help you!

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"Kewl Gallery"
By shatay, 12/19/2011 about
I just love the Hippy Tie's
By jeanhar1, 2/2/2010 about
Great store! I'm a fan. Best of sales in 2010!
"Hi, Happy Holidays!"
By mickeyelvis128, 12/25/2008 about
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes, Diane and MickeyElvis
By aliciagrime, 11/30/2008 about
I like your designs- I'm a fan :) Very Nice Page Good Work .Very Cool Stuff In This Site Nice Wow
By AnitaJoy, 11/22/2008 about
Neat Designs..Anita
"Very creative imagination"
By mindpixels, 11/18/2008 about
Well done !
"Nice Gallery!"
By babybunnyusa, 11/14/2008 about
By picklelilly, 10/31/2008 about
Hi there thanks for stoping by, love your stuff, i am a fan, all the best, Debs
"Your Products"
By CreativePhoto2, 10/28/2008 about
By sunsets67, 10/28/2008 about
Thanks for joining my FC!
"Great gallery! I'm a fan too!"
By pulsDesign, 10/27/2008 about
By ZazzleGalleries, 10/26/2008 about
vOTING link has been activated ,get yr friends n family to vote, hurry up! Good luck to all!
By myhome71, 7/26/2008 about
thanks for your visit and support to my gallery wall
"Great work"
By JJ_Paul, 7/26/2008 about
Banging designs!
"Wasn't that green spiked punch GOOD!"
By Area52Q, 7/23/2008 about
Did you try some of Kilroworld's Romulan Ale? Thanks so much for dropping by. We're TOTAL fans of your Gallery from here, too!!!
By jtgauntt, 7/23/2008 about
Hi Designit, can I call you D? Or Big D? Thanks for dropping by and leaving the great comment. I think your the first person to comment on the eyes. JTG
"Thanks for joining my FC!!!"
By plurals, 7/23/2008 about
"HI there!"
By SuzeeQ, 7/22/2008 about
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! They really mean a lot! Your Gallery is so much fun I have to go and explore it some more! Have a wonderful week!!!
By pinkyjain, 7/22/2008 about
Hi DesignIt, thank you so very much for your wonderful comments, :O))))))
By pamdicar, 7/22/2008 about
Thanks so much for all your super wonderful comments...Your gallery is beautiful...and the product line names are unique. I am a fan!
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