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Ahoy there! Thanks for stopping by! These dinos are a very much loved side project of mine and i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. If you like what you see make sure to drop by my blog for daily dino doodles! http://dinoeatpooter.blogspot.com/ Thanks again!

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20 results
By VampOut, 8/8/2009 about
I am so glad I found your gallery. I have fallen in love with your dinos! Great artwork. They are cute and crazy looking all at the same time! I am a fan!
By moonlit, 5/2/2009 about
Just loooove your gallery!
By alidestroy, 4/9/2009 about
i love dinosaurs :D :D :D
By misskitteh, 4/9/2009 about
"wow, your stuff is great!"
By lwunlimited, 4/7/2009 about
Love your work!
"Hi Michaela"
By KawaiiPunk, 3/27/2009 about
Just found your gallery - really cool characters and great looking designs. Love it :) Best wishes, Michael.
By PeppersPolishMafia, 3/22/2009 about
I am loving your FUN PLACE! I will be bck to look around later! Love your Gallery! zillllions of stars on the gallery!
By apostolia, 3/6/2009 about
Thank you for joining ...much appreciated :-) Your designs are original, cute in fresh colors. I will be visiting your gallery often ;-)
By mariayeoshen, 3/5/2009 about
Really cute designs! thank you for visit my gallery! :). Hope you the best! :D
By CaArtstudio, 2/18/2009 about
Good job, very cool designs. I'm new here, so if you have a few minutes, please drop by and enjoy.
By Croctail, 2/15/2009 about
thanks :D feel free to step by again XD I know I'll visit your galleri again :)
"nice gallery"
By SquiggleMaster, 2/13/2009 about
By Croctail, 2/12/2009 about
cool design :D im a fan :D
"simply awesome!"
By sugaroverkill, 2/11/2009 about
I love the Mindy Rockstar button! (^_^) I'm a fan! Thank you for joining my fan club by the way. *hug* (*・_・)ノ⌒*SugarOverkill*⌒(・_・*)ノ*
By micotutu, 2/11/2009 about
What a lovely gallery. Love it ! All the best !
By micotutu, 2/11/2009 about
What a lovely gallery. Love it ! All the best !
"Oh Yes!!"
By KozikArt, 2/6/2009 about
Hi there - just have to say your gallery ROCKS!!! will now add myself to your fan club so that I can keep an eye on you........
By picklelilly, 1/30/2009 about
Welcome to zazzle cool work really fun well done!
"Welcome to zazzle!"
By mazarakes, 1/18/2009 about
I like your little dinos. Mindy is too cute :)
By tabujapan, 1/15/2009 about
Thanks for stopping by and joining my FC. You have some really cute things!!!!
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