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Welcome to the gallery of Kelli Maier. Your patronage is very much appreciated. emotional, surreal...sometimes just downright strange. I aim to compare inner worlds with you...and break off a chunk of my imagination, and pull it into this agreed upon interpretation of what is real. My way may differ from your way...or it might be exactly the same. Maybe I will show something that neither of us can say with words. My imaginings made into painted entities, are here. By the way...I LOVE fish.... especially goldfish....glup, glup, glup.. Oh, and ..I LOVE comments. A lot..... EMAILS USING THE ZAZZLE SYSTEM: They get messed up quite a bit. Please email me directly at kellimaier@gmail.com Thank you so much and I apologize for any emails that appeared to be unanswered. I am learning I am not receiving them in the first place.

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By diosaperdida, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks...sorry...I don't visit much anymore.
"beautiful gallery!"
By QueenofHarts, 12/19/2011 about
you're awesome, i love your paintings!
"Awesome gallery!"
By Dylan Seibold, 12/16/2011 about
Nice work.
"Wow... great gallery"
By StressieCat, 2/8/2010 about
I just love your designs, excellent job!
By aportugueselove, 2/7/2010 about
I selected 100 St.Valentine's Day Lovely Postcards...and you're IN!Ckeck this Lens!
By pixiestick, 5/9/2009 about
A true artist we have here. Beautiful gallery!
By Lluwellyn, 3/26/2009 about
Love...! your art work. I'm a fan
By Dynomoose, 3/12/2009 about
Thanks for posting all the pretty products!
"Thank you"
By Mike_Montalvo, 3/4/2009 about
Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderful and funny comment LOL, I needed to the laugh :o) You have some very beautiful art work here :o)
"Holy cow, THANK YOU!"
By Dynomoose, 2/27/2009 about
When I have more than a few minutes, I'm hitting your stuff! Yeah, I'm really proud of high on life. LOL
"OMG, HI!!!!!"
By Dynomoose, 2/27/2009 about
Hey! I haven't seen you on DA a lot lately. How have you been?
By girlsrule2468, 1/20/2009 about
You have a lovely gallery with beautiful work. I am a fan! Peace & Blessings :o)
"Thank you for your purchase"
By LoganKnight, 11/18/2008 about
Wow thank you very much for the purchase and comment left on my product "Famous INTPs" it is very much appreciate by this poor starving artist :)
By diosaperdida, 8/19/2008 about
Thanks everyone
"Thank you, Kelli"
By completelove, 6/25/2008 about
For all your lovely ART and for sharing of a Great love. Your words are a beautiful expression and legacy for Bill. For those who knew him and even those who only met him through your words, Thank you.
By daphne1024, 6/25/2008 about
I'm very, very sorry for your loss...Though there is nothing I can say to make your pain go away, I want to let you know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Kelli.....Warmest Regards, Ujean
"Thank you so, so much....."
By daphne1024, 5/26/2008 about
for stopping by my gallery today, leaving so many wonderful comments. I truly hope your husband is getting better & better.....Here I'm sending you a Get Well card today. Take care, Ujean
"Sorry to hear the sad news..."
By daphne1024, 5/10/2008 about
It's my first time to visit your gallery, and I'm very shocked after reading your recent post. I wish you all the best, and hope God will give you the strength to go through this difficult time. Warm Regards, Ujean.
"From one synaesthete to another:"
By ColorSynaesthesia, 8/30/2007 about
Great art Kelli! Deeply felt! :-)
"Wonderful artwork!"
By MAPICO, 8/20/2007 about
Thanks for your nice comment on my T-shirt! You're a very talented artist!
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