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Come see nature collages photos paintings(that tend to be primitive) drawings and textures, cards posters and clothing (lots of shoes--hopefully they will be back soon). Hope you enjoy the selection of fun. Play outdoors as much as possible!

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"Hi Elaine, We are haveing a great year, thanks for asking."
By Ronspassionfordesign, 8/30/2014 about
We hope your year is also great! I appreciate your visit and compliment on Happy Valentines Day 6 Envelope. We wish you a blessed 2014. Ron
By Destiny, 4/12/2013 about
>¸.•*´´Hello Elaine, Pleasure to meet you, Beautiful artwork/ photographs, Wishing you & yours an outstanding weekend & blessed 2013!!! ★•*´*★¸.•*´*★¸.•*★¸.•*´*★¸.•*´´ ~~~
"Hi Elaine, Thank you so much!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/27/2013 about
I appreciate your visit & compliment on Abstract Art 62B1 & 62B2 Binders Options! Enjoy your Easter Sunday. All the best, Ron
"Hi Elaine, Thanks so much!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/26/2013 about
I appreciate your visit, support and compliment on Abstract Art 62 iPad Mini Cases Design! I hope you have a great week! Ron
"Hi Elaine! Thank you, your store is looking great!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/23/2013 about
I appreciate your visit and compliments on products! I will eventually find them, I wish Zazzle would fix the link to products on compliments. We wish you and family a blessed easter. Ron
"Hidee Ho Good Neighbor:>)"
By CarolsCamera, 3/16/2013 about
I've not been active on Z as much as I used to be, but today is snowy and things are slow so here I am:>) It's time to refresh some stuff on the store pge and make a few items and visit friends:>) You've been working hard! Hope Henry is well and keeping you amused. Springtime is just around the corner, and I see cabbage in our future (tomorrow) - all is right with the world - LOL. Your gallery is looking soooo splendid.
By myrtieshuman (aka Cindy), 11/18/2012 about
Love your Christmas designs!
"Hi, Not Brunette:>)"
By CarolsCamera, 8/22/2012 about
I've been remarkably absent and you haven't had anyone to poke you in the ribs! The store looks superb! Bet you've been enjoying life if these images are any indication - good for you! This is one of those years where time slips away when you aren't looking - ooops, summer's gone and autumn is on our doorstep! The playing cards are wonderful, Elaine, but then so is everything else - nice work! Hope you and yours are well.
By myrtieshuman (aka Cindy), 7/8/2012 about
I see you have a lot of great new products!!! Your store looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much for your visit and great comments!
"Okay, Busy "B""
By CarolsCamera, 3/19/2012 about
What awesome work you've been doing! Had to drop in and see the banner (knew it would be different) - it's mah-vel-us, dahlink. Happy Spring:>)
"You know - if I could just write one message without a typo, that would be so great!"
By CarolsCamera, 2/5/2012 about
Thank you very much for featuring the buzzards (turkey vultures in real life) - you are AWESOME:>). Have a great week. Maybe I should say have a grate weak and not break my record.
"Hey, Blondie!"
By CarolsCamera, 1/28/2012 about
Your new products are super cool! Especially like your messanger bags!!!!!! (and the flowers, the collage, the deer? skull, the scenery, the beach - oh, heck - I love it all:>)
By MyOtherPlanet, 1/28/2012 about
Hello my friend !!!
By Lorrie Morrison, 1/16/2012 about
Happy New Year, Elaine! Thanks for stopping at my store. My wish for everyone at Zazzle is to have great sales this year in 2012!
By Vicky Brago-Mitchell, 1/15/2012 about
Happy New Year, Elaine! How are you?
By Laureen and Bianca, 1/4/2012 about
Happy New Year and may this be an absolutely lovely year full of wonderful surprises! Lau
By 369Design, 1/1/2012 about
Happy New Year!
By ebroskie1234, 12/30/2011 about
Happy New Year for all!
"Great new look! 2012 arrived early."
By CarolsCamera, 12/30/2011 about
You're getting a jump on the New Year - smart lady! Love the cookies banner and new colors. Hurrah for 2012 and all the fantastic things it will bring us!
"Happy New Year!!!!!! May it be 1,000 times better than 2011 for everyone:>)"
By CarolsCamera, 12/27/2011 about
Your gallery looks awesome. All the new items and the banner - great! Am battling a common cold with uncommon ferocity and sleeping a lot, but wanted to stop by with New Year's Wishes. Take a lovely, deep breath of sparkling air for me, please!
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