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Welcome to the Université Protestante au Congo Zazzle page. All profits from this shop go toward further developing this remarkable Congolese University, set in the strife-ridden yet exciting country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Université Protestante au Congo has been a pioneer in Congolese higher education since 1959. It has remained independent, survived chaotic political regions, wars and civil strife, and produced highly qualified Congolese leadership and faculty members holding doctoral degrees from Europe and the United States. We have an unshakable belief that EDUCATION BUILDS A NATION. By empowering the Congolese people with skills, wisdom, self belief and a compassionate value system, we will create a new and more stable DR Congo. More than 6000 students (half are women) currently are enrolled, almost evenly divided between those studying in the School of Business and Economics and School of Law. Another 150 study in the School of Theology. In October 2006, a new School of Medicine welcomed 200 students; 600 are now enrolled and advancing through the curriculum. The student population is diverse and, although founded by various Protestant denominations, the university invites and welcomes students from any of the world’s major religions: Half the current enrollment is Roman Catholic. Admission standards exceed those of the national admissions tests and include rigorous university-administered entrance exams as well as character references. Please feel free to wander around our store. Your support means the world to Congo's future. For more information go to http://www.upcongo.org

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"I think this is great "
By mystuff4me, 1/6/2009 about
My gallery also helps kids who are in need of education to learn through travel! I guess we have alot in common!! Hope to here back from you
By jezzikabret, 12/13/2008 about
You might want try to get your gallery added to the Zazzle charities section. they give you banners and what not to help you promote your charity/gallery.
By jezzikabret, 12/13/2008 about
Good luck, this sounds like a wonderful cause!
"great photo"
By DakotaJoan, 11/11/2008 about
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4 results