Watching Out for Each Other -- A Pair of Swans
On Top of the Coneflower -- Butterfly & Coneflower
On the Wing
Rose Designs
Hearts and Roses X's and O's without Frames
Hearts & Roses X's & O's Photo Frames
Time for Prayers
Perked Ears, White Stripes, Brushin' Off My Tail
Surveying My Domain
Blue Heron Wading with Canadian Geese
Summer on the River -- Red Kayak, Yellow Paddle
Lazin' on the Pads -- A Small Bullfrog & Lily Pads
Private Duck Swimming Hole 1
Private Duck Swimming Hole 2
Sunflower Madonna
Sunflower Joy
Sunflower in the City
Pagoda and Dragons
Guard Duty -- A Small Dog Guarding a Store Doorway
Stream with Stones
In a Word -- Define Your Syle in a Word
Phoenix Escape Velocity -- Not Video Game Related
Rose Crosses
Follow -- A Forest Path in Autumn
Halloween Designs
Winter Forest with Fence
Young Stag in Winter
Winter Watcher
Frozen River in Forest
Pinecones in Snow
Oh, Christmas Tree
Jingle Bell Designs
Easter Eggs

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Welcome to Elizabeth's Creative Pursuits, the Zazzle store owned by Zazzle ProSeller Elizabeth Ann Roy No clip art, stock photos, or public domain images were used in the creation of these designs. All the designs are the original work of Elizabeth Ann Roy . My sister and I are combining our stores into themed stores. So products from this store have been moved or will be moved into our combined theme stores. If you like my designs, please go to our profile pages and check out our other stores. Elizabeth Ann Roy's Profile Page - Marilyn Roy's Profile Page -

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By dww25921, 11/18/2014 about
I love what you have done here!
By ElizabethAnnRoy, 11/23/2012 about
Thanks so much for the compliment, Elsie! I'm glad you enjoy my work. I apologize for not responding sooner, but my sister and I have both been busy creating designs for our newer stores and with Thanksgiving.
By Elsie Johnston Black, 11/14/2012 about
Beautiful images and designs!! You have a great eye!!
By ElizabethAnnRoy, 12/19/2011 about
Hi, Sarah, Assuming dramatic pose: Oh, the demands and pressures of popularity! ;) I'm thinking of redesigning my store for summer with a different banner and hot summer colors like coral, red, and red-orange. My sister, Marilyn, who's also on Zazzle has been nagging me about it. I think she's tired of looking at my phoenix. Oh, and I suppose I should get some new work up, too. I've just been trying to find some quick projects to do on Elance or Guru. Elizabeth
"Love the store"
By Sarah Trett, 6/26/2011 about
Love the store and I agree with your comment I have so many ideas just not the time X Keep up the good work. Now and fan so I can see all your new work..
By ElizabethAnnRoy, 5/20/2011 about
Hi, Erik, Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad to have inspired you. I still have other photographs that aren't up yet, and I keep getting more ideas for how to use what I have. Zazzle stores will keep you very busy. Elizabeth
"Flora Photography"
By Erik Herndon, 5/17/2011 about
I love you floral stuff, I am in the progress of putting together my floral photo category and you have inspired me to get out and get some more photos taken :-)
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