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Santa Ana, California
The simple truth is we love paper, colors, patterns and textures. The art of using premium quality paper slipped inside an elegant envelope embodies the wedding dress, the black tie, the hard work and effort to impress the boss, the birthday balloons, the pink or blue bows and the hard-earned cap and gown. Like the little black dress, we’re always there for you. Presenting information with style and sophistication makes an entrance you can count on. It’s as dependable as putting on a string of pearls. You just know it works. That’s been our approach to the business of creating communiqués since 1995. What began in a single retail location has grown into an entire system of more than 200 cardstocks, papers, liners and envelopes and more than 70 shapes and sizes with signature names like Envelofolds®, Portable Pockets®, Pocket Folds® and more. Our products are a constantly changing collection of fresh ideas and innovative designs you can tailor to fit your event like a glove. The big moments in life matter. They deserve their due. And we have the tools, ideas and creative wow to make beautiful things happen. After all, events come and go, but a truly fabulous invitation or announcement lasts a lifetime. It’s where memories begin. It’s where you give a sneak preview of what’s ahead. It’s the moment where you say this is classic and traditional. Or this is going to be fun and full of energy and pizzazz. It’s the nuances that have the biggest impact. Color, texture, patterns, shapes and sizes. Even a simple bow run through a drilled hole speaks volumes. Big bold words set against wispy strands of cursive writing defines the happy couple as fun yet romantic in the blink of an eye. Each one has a role to play. We love the creative process. Being engaged and imagining “what if” is our idea of a very good day. We can help you at any point along the way whether you’re doing your very first invitation or you’re a seasoned professional in search of something to blow someone’s socks off.
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Comments (15)
SpectacularlySnazzy commented on Envelopments 1/5/2013
Great store!!
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Envelopments commented on Envelopments 10/16/2012
"Thank you!"
Thank you for all the love. We appreciate all your support :)
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Apostrophe commented on Envelopments 10/3/2012
Your designs are fabulous! My congrats, too, on being a featured store!
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