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Welcome to Face Friends! Find a new friend, and wear him/her/it on a t-shirt. There's a design for every mood and style that you desire. Have suggestions or other things you want to see? Message me, and I'll give it a go! You can find alllll of my artwork at Deviantart and read allll about me here! Don't forget to visit my other fun sites! Just Dogs, HeatherIhn, and Buttermilk Biscuits! Here are some fellow zazzlers that I support and recommend! Cool Word Designs Ultra Kawaii Space Images Anry Tony Bui Chris Bancroft Mariayeoshen The Cute Institute We The Kings DJ JC The Humane Society Taratel Designs Jes Designs Rachel Creates Belly Jeans Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund

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"hi po"
By , 3/5/2011 about
...uxtah s lhat..??
By , 2/23/2011 about
ooooooooooooooo its a nice day for me
By , 2/19/2011 about
i like it...it is so nice...
By , 2/9/2011 about
its nice
By , 2/6/2011 about
"welcome me"
By , 2/3/2011 about
plz. help me i am knew in this thing
By riego_agnes, 1/11/2011 about
By kenneth1612345678, 12/1/2010 about
hello poh sa inyo musta nah add noi ko sa fb nio ha
By Wheely5, 1/25/2010 about
Great shirts. A very cute idea!
"Fun gallery!"
By shapesandvisions, 1/19/2010 about
Good luck!
By CaramelCritters, 10/28/2009 about
Your shop is Featured here.
By pockettdesign, 10/17/2009 about
Great idea. Love them. Good luck.
By InfiniteHorizons, 10/8/2009 about
Your faces are real cute!
"Love it! Love it! Love it!"
By FoorCreative, 7/15/2009 about
Love your original designs and your store is wonderful! I'm a huge fan!
By bandgeektees, 4/2/2009 about
Hilarious face friends! All your galleries reflect such creativity. Especially love your dog portraits...you are so phenomenally talented. I know things will turn around for you, employment-wise...HUGE things are in store for you!!! Best wishes!
By CaramelCritters, 2/23/2009 about
I LOVE your characters!
By Croctail, 2/17/2009 about
funny design :D really good looking design :P
By cupcakesandlemons, 2/7/2009 about
By SnappleyGirl, 1/25/2009 about
I LOVE your stuff!
By mikek92349, 1/1/2009 about
Happy New Year!
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