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Ceraurus and Leviceraurus
Phacops Rana Crassituberculata
iPad, iPod, iPhone
Calymene Niagarensis
Modocia Typicalis
Arctinurus Boltoni
Opalized Sphenodiscus Lenticularis Ammonite
Perisphinctes Ammonite
Madagascar Ammonites
Ammonite with Dendrites

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Welcome to Fat Boy Fossils! We are a store dedicated to furthering the exposure and appreciation of trilobite fossils, ammonites and minerals. In this shop I make artwork from extinct creatures. Show off your passion for the ancient marine animals that lived and died out long before the dinosaurs were even a blip on the radar. Great pre-historic gift goodies are hard to find, but not any more, thanks to the Fat Boy . In this shop you will find many unique gifts for sale with a paleontology theme that you will not see anywhere else. We'd be pleased if you would visit our sister Zazzle shops"Nightmareartist" with over 2,000 fantasy art and holiday gift items, "Two Cents Plain" for light-hearted Yiddish gifts and "Randomly Yours" a fun and quirky little shop.