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WELCOME Please enjoy browsing the many Soaring Gifts here. You can also do an in-store SEARCH on the left sidebar. I offer full coverage of products for full size gliders and R/C. There is a great selection of DS gear too. Buy for yourself, your family, and your crew. Everyone loves receiving a soaring gift! Here are some COUPONS. for you to use as well! Please use them here. Feel free to contact me too if you want anything designed, such as for your club. Please also send the store link (above) to others, as well as post it in blogs and so forth. I'd appreciate that! Thank you for your business, and Happy New year! Good lift and safe soaring, TOM in Minnesota CFI-G and SGS 1-35C owner

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By FearlessThinkers, 12/19/2011 about
Please make suggestions of images you'd like to see on the products here. ... TOM RENT
"Great store!"
By laurajholman, 1/18/2011 about
Love your strong images. Wishing you all the best Tom! :-) Laura
"Fantastic store"
By catherinesherman, 10/5/2010 about
I love your products. You soar just like your glider themes. You have something for everyone, plus your Comical Captions are hilarious! Cathy
By Pattiann_Malynn, 7/5/2010 about
Great products, Tom!
By janislil, 6/6/2010 about
Awesome Designs Tom!
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