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I have many prints and graphic designs for sale here at Zazzle and some original works still in progress at the studio. I am available to do commission work. See some of the portraits I have done on this page. Due to the extensive repairs from the hurricane I relocated my art studio after Katrina in a higher spot on the New Orleans North Shore while I seek a new studio. After retirement I got back to what I always wanted to do paint and be creative. I began by going back and painting things I always intended to do but never had the time. Over the years I saved photographs of people, places, and things I said I would paint one day. I took a few art classes to help out and I now paint in acrylics. I paint things I like and see in a way that adds to them my style and experience. I find I still do not have enough time to paint all the images I have in my head, but I try to do a little each day. Hopefully some will get done as I see them in my mind and hopefully add enjoyment to the viewers life. I have many of my paintings up to see on my homepage at www.figstreet.com/studio/ . If you see art there that is not here at Zazzle let me know and I will place it here too. Any questions about my art feel free to e-mail me. I am available for commission work see my Fig Street Home page for details..