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Final Frontier Voyager Print
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Final Frontier Voyager Print
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Final Frontier Voyager
Final Frontier Voyager by George Grie:
In early Classical Antiquity, the Earth was generally believed to be flat. Greek philosophers from that time period were prone to form conclusions similar to those of Anaximander, who believed the Earth to be a short cylinder with a flat, circular top. It is conjectured that the first person to have advocated a spherical shape of the Earth was Pythagoras (6th century BC), but this idea is not supported by the fact that most presocratic Pythagoreans considered the world to be flat. Belief in a flat Earth is found in mankind's oldest writings. In early Mesopotamian thought, the world was portrayed as a flat disk floating in the ocean, and this forms the premise for early Greek maps like those of Anaximander and Hecataeus.
The Flat Earth Society
"The facts are simple," says Charles K. Johnson, president of the International Flat Earth Research Society. "The earth is flat." As you stand in his front yard, it is hard to argue the point. From among the Joshua trees, creosote bushes, and tumbleweeds surrounding his southern California hillside home, you have a spectacular view of the Mojave Desert. It looks as flat as a pool table. The last known group of Flat Earth proponents, the Flat Earth Society, kept the concept alive and at one time claimed a few thousand followers. The society declined in the 1990s following a fire at its headquarters in California and the death of its last president. William Carpenter (1830-1896) maintained that "There are rivers that flow for hundreds of miles towards the level of the sea without falling more than a few feet - notably, the Nile, which, in a thousand miles, falls but a foot. A level expanse of this extent is quite incompatible with the idea of the Earth's "convexity." Carpenter also presented aeronautic testimony that even at the great observable heights no curvature of the earth is observed, and fits with the idea of a flat-earth, since it is the nature of level surfaces to rise to a level with the human eye. English scientist Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1885), writing under the pseudonym "Parallax," published results of many experiments which tested the curvatures of water over lakes. He also produced studies which purported to show the effects of ships disappearing into the horizon can be explained by the laws of perspective in relation to the human eye.
Created By artsgrie :
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"Poster amazing, shipping not so much"
Reviewed by Cheryl 1/26/2012
Product Quality: Good
Print Quality: Good
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Birthdays
Shipped on time: Yes
About the product:
The poster is spectacular and looks just like how I imagined it. However, the shipping I had a bit of an issue with. Every time I tried to use the link to check on the status of the shipping, I couldn't get it to work. I also couldn't call the company to check on it because Iwork 3rd shift and every time I thought about it, it would be the middle of the nigh. It finally got to me about 4 day later than I thought it should have. However, I would still rate my total experience as satisfying because I did get the poster and it is beautiful.
About the print:
Absolutely, positively, amazingly stunning. I can't wait to get it framed and hung on a wall.
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By aloramyst, 8/30/2010 about
voted, favorited and shared on facebook :)
By Sphinx_N_Phoenix, 7/30/2010 about
Amazing and stunning!
By ValeriesGallery, 2/15/2010 about
Wow! Amazing work!
"So COOL..."
By hblack6, 2/4/2010 about
and Roger Dean-ish at the cliff edge.
By DoggyB22, 12/6/2009 about
What program did you use to make this?
By LillianWay, 1/28/2009 about
Really love this one.
By ashroc, 12/13/2008 about
By dactnl, 11/23/2008 about
Nice graphic. I like this end of the world
"beautiful image! 5*"
By elenaind, 9/19/2008 about
By trwphotography, 8/7/2008 about
Fantasic image! Breathtaking!!
"Wonderfully excecuted work of art!"
By artology, 8/2/2008 about
Always nice to see a great concept become a great completed image--great attention to detail. I am in awe! This is definitely going in my faves . . . R
By ZazzleGalleries, 6/22/2008 about
WOW!!!! 5 Stars!! Thanks for entering!
By wondersofwnc, 5/31/2008 about
What an awe inspiring image. Takes my breath away.
By MyZazzleCards, 4/13/2008 about
What a wonderful, amazing photo or is so detailed.
By tonidreams, 11/26/2007 about
What can I say besides WOW. Great work!!!!!!
By TattooTribes, 11/2/2007 about
This is the most amazing pic I've ever seen!!! Spectacular composition and shades. After I can catch breath again, I am amazed on spotting every single detail of your works... simply uncanny... Hats off. You smashed me in awe...!!
By schmeer, 10/30/2007 about
Very very nice!
"Final Frontier Voyager Poster "
By dduhaime55, 8/23/2007 about
This is awesome! Beautiful work!!
By wintersnow, 7/21/2007 about
Such a magical and wonderful creation. It has a wonderful dream quality about it and it's stunningly beautiful!
By loveit2, 1/16/2007 about
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