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By seaton_e, 12/19/2011 about
I want to see the "I'm on to you, Fremp" t-shirt. Make my dream a reality.
By NoMusicNoLife, 3/9/2010 about
Hi ya! May I invite you to quickly take a look at my front page again? There is a petition circulating to save the elephants on it. They need our signature and voice! Only one day left! Ludo@NoMusicNoLife♫
By insomniak, 1/10/2009 about
I like the McCarver!
"Savino is the man"
By Savino_Stallone, 10/7/2008 about
What about an I know Savino Stallone T?
"Thanks jakzhumans!"
By div1991, 8/7/2008 about
Your slogan was great, and I just slapped "We Concetrate On Consistency" onto a mug. Thanks for the great idea, and many props.
"McCarver mug, please!"
By bongogo, 8/7/2008 about
I really, really want a McCarver mug! I don't work in my mother's basement, so I can't go to the office in a T-shirt.
"Fremulon Slogan"
By jakzhumans, 8/6/2008 about
I'm modifying my Fremulon shirt to include their company slogan: "We concetrate on consistency." I think it's a winner.
"3 things:"
By seaton_e, 8/6/2008 about
1) Nice branding. Aesthetically very pleasing. Of course, haven't we all come to expect only the best from Fremulon? 2) I'm still waiting on the "I'm On To You, Fremp!" shirt. 3) How about a new t-shirt that only reads "F*** The Heck?" I'd buy both of those along with a Fremulon shirt.
"Food metaphor"
By ehazard, 8/5/2008 about
The coffee mug demands a food metaphor tag. Come on Fremp!
"Fire Joe Morgan?"
By _Slap_, 8/5/2008 about
You mean Junior hasn't renamed the place Hire Barry Bonds?
By Amanda_isa_nerdbra, 6/3/2008 about
*I* want to see a shirt that shows clogged up bases and a certain former Cubs manager in the background with steam coming out of his ears!
"Let Apes Ump"
By jamesontv, 5/27/2008 about
If you don't make "Let Apes Ump" into a t-shirt, then I'm going to have to do it, and then you'll have to sue me which means coming out of your mother's basements and putting on big boy pants for the trial and nobody wants that. Get on it!
"I'm on to you, Fremp"
By thehuddledmasses, 5/16/2008 about
Murbles speaks the truth. My renowned friends seaton_e and DEEEIP have the right of it. Why do you wait? Why so selfish? Should I start selling them?
"I want Fremp"
By DEEEIP, 4/28/2008 about
Or Fremulon Insurance onesies. Thank you.
By ismyhomeboy, 9/21/2007 about
What's FJM?
"FJM Sartorial Splendor"
By drillmon, 9/19/2006 about
I think FJM logo-based shirts are the perfect "team-neutral" colors to wear to away games. I am a fan of the loved (and hated) New York Yankees, but I don't see a problem with wearing an FJM shirt to the games when the Yankees are in Baltimore (or Boston, for that matter). Thanks.
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