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Welcome to Flynn the Cat's Fantasy Art Zazzle store - I sell fantasy and nature posters (prints), digital fantasy and photo postage stamps, fantasy and nature postcards, greeting cards, buttons (badges) , bookmarks... even shoes, hats and t-shirts! Design your own postage, ties, cards... All artwork in this store has been approved by my cat , shown here with some of my keychains In this gallery you will find digital fantasy art and nature photography, of all colours and shapes. Everything on here was photographed or painted by Flynn the Cat . Just about everything can be personalized - add a name in a huge variety of fonts, a message, change the text and background colours - to the original art designs. On Printing The print quality of Zazzle is very good, and I am very careful about the files I put up - the colours may not be the same as your screen shows, but they will probably be nicer! IF you do have a problem, please contact me or Zazzle. Zazzle will also provide refunds if you are unhappy with your purchase. If you're from outside the USA, you might want to visit the RedBubble Gallery as that is based in Australia and may work out cheaper for shipping. Please bear in mind, that as an artist, I am usually too distracted with drawings to remember to create every kind of product - if you see a picture of mine anywhere and would love to have it as a card, or mug, or print, just ask! That actually goes for most of of the paintings in my DeviantART - I simply haven't had time to put them all on here. Skreened is a newish similar site to Zazzle that focuses on t-shirts and tote bags and is very big on enviromental and ethical responsibility. Scroll Through the Folders Below To Browse Easily Through The Paintings And Designs Available (or use the menu on the right to jump to a particular folder)

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"Great designs!!"
By Josie Took, 8/25/2013 about
Great designs!!
"Congrats on the TBA for Shadow Hunt."
By hiddenrealms, 12/19/2011 about
Well deserved. And thanks for joining my fc. I've just added a new painting on my blog. It's still in work, but would love your feedback.
By Abseaz, 12/19/2011 about
You're truly a gifted artist. It's been a while since I've seen such great artwrok, really amazing.
By sanguinlover, 12/19/2011 about
oh WOW! what beautiful designs =) thank you for joining my FC and i wish you much success in the future. though with such wonderful work, i'm sure it's not neccessary @}~
By Deb Kingsbury, 5/27/2011 about
Hm ... I don't see where I can favorite this store. Where's the link?
"What a great store!"
By Deb Kingsbury, 5/27/2011 about
I'm enjoying looking through everything. I've just started here and have SO much to learn. I just made my own folder images, but these put mine to shame. Wish I could figure out how to make those text links beneath each folder image. Oh well, I'll get there. Thanks for the inspiration to keep plugging away at it.
By MisTikkal, 3/1/2011 about
Saw you first on Squidoo (just joined) and added several of your fantastic lenses on AR only to discover you are here also.Gorgeous store and fantastic lenses. :) Def a fan in both worlds.
By aportugueselove, 2/12/2011 about
Just joined your FC!:) Great store!
By LynnsPhotography, 2/1/2011 about
I just had to say your store and photography are Fantastic!! I also love your designs!! Your more then welcome to check out my store and let me know what you think of my work and maybe leave a comment. You can also join my fan club if you would like I have joined yours. Peace, ~Lynn~
By drooling_tiger, 1/9/2011 about
Your designs are gorgeous. I love the Waterborn ones (as well as many others). The door posters are just beautiful. =0)
"Wow....You really are good..."
By GingerBarritt, 12/30/2010 about
I'm going to spend a little time wandering around! Found you through squidoo..
"Wait, where's the "become a fan" button?"
By Mythphile, 12/3/2010 about
*rummages around* I'm wearing your unicorn sweatshirt yet AGAIN. It seems to be my new favorite slug-about fuzzy warm shirt.
"Cleaning house..."
By alteredkat, 8/18/2010 about
Thanks for the tips...am making progress...appreciate your help. :o)
By miragutoff, 7/12/2010 about
There's some really striking work here. Well done.
"Wonderful art"
By DigitalDreambuilder, 5/27/2010 about
really beautiful imagery you have
"Nice gallery!"
By Sandyspider, 3/5/2010 about
By DreamEssence_Designs, 2/10/2010 about
Your gallery of art is just lovely. I sent you a message through Squidoo. Thank you for featuring my artwork.
By elvenstarart, 2/9/2010 about
Thank you for featuring my art!! :)
"thank you very much..."
By MichelineKanzy, 11/23/2009 about
...for adding my illustration to your interesting website. :-)
By YourCreative, 10/1/2009 about
Hellow neighbour, is see you are from NZ...I'm from WA, so pretty far away for a neighbour lol. lovely work - my favorite is your new mermaid pic. Great to see the determination of other visual arists to follow their dreams. I have only just joined Zazzle, wondering how you have found it so far? Cheers Bec
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