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From the streets of New York City to the bombastic sounds of Kingston Jamaica and on to the artsy warmth of Venice California comes the fresh new sound of The Formula Project. Derived from the mind and soul of the band’s creator and producer, Switch aka Rich Bennett; the band is always pushing the limits to which it has no boundaries. Switch, who writes all the music for the band has developed a sound that cross’s all spectrums. One can hear the chaotic genius of Public Enemy; the reggae flavor of Sly and Robbie; as well as the trip hop electronica of Massive Attack. It is in Switch’s ability to layer one genre on top of another that leads to the basis of his formula. No genre is out of reach when Switch does his thing. Having grown up in NYC in the early 80’s, he was deeply entrenched in hip hop culture regularly attending shows featuring Run DMC, LL Cool J, and KRS 1. Hip hop is the underlying foundation of what makes TFP click. The band’s first release, an EP entitled “R3 + Hh10 + F9 + E12 = TFP” was a unique formula created by Switch forming the basic molecular makeup of the band’s sound which was fronted by the powerful raps of Brooklyn based MC Mike Notar. The band’s very first song “The Choice” went on to become the face of professional drag racing as ESPN’s premier music track in their broadcasts of The National Hot Rod association (NHRA). Four years since first airing on ESPN, it continues to maintain it’s place within the sport. Switch is currently in the Hanger (his underground studio at the beach in Marina del Rey, CA. putting the finishing touches on the debut album from his new project called "One Of Us". The album titled "Blow Your Speakers Out" will drop on December 14th and promises thunderous beats and furious basslines in a sea of controlled chaos. The first single "Bottoms Up" is straight up blistering, watch for the video shortly. The album includes a collection of guest appearances sure to excite any listener. This is music for the masses in the truest sense. Switch's record label Switch 17 Music Group/ADA-Warner Music has various other releases on it's schedule, including the self titled first single from "Kill You Beautiful" , the debut album "Flammable Grammar" from British export "Antix" and The Ave All Stars, a compilation of original hip hop music provided by The Ave, the hottest store in world (www.theavevenice,com), check it out. The album due out Dec 7th includes guest appearances from B Real of Cypress HIll, legendary rapper KRS-One to name a few. An array of talented forward thinking music is on track to the world. No limits, no fear, Switch 17 is here, and on to the next levels.

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By adamthechef, 6/30/2009 about
love your gallery
"I love clean designs!"
By Pufahl, 6/18/2009 about
great gallery, im a fan
By monstersparade, 4/30/2009 about
Love ur Gallery :) nice to know u my friend.
By RW_IMAGES, 1/29/2009 about
So focused, clean and inspiring, zennish
By indiebabexx, 12/4/2008 about
Welcome to zazzle, love your style
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