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Welcome to Freaky Fashions! We are a shop specializing in all this pop culture. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt to show your love for your favorite TV show or just looking for a shirt that explores your freaky side, you will have a lot to choose from here at Freaky Fashions!.

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By DianaH21, 11/23/2010 about
Awesome! Thank you so much. My friend will love it. :D
"Team Peep Show"
By DianaH21, 11/22/2010 about
Awesome shirts. I love the Team Jez/Team Mark ones from Peep Show...I wonder if I could request a "Team El Dude Brothers" one in a similar style for a friend? I would be willing to pay extra.
By artworkink, 9/11/2010 about
your gallery is awesome, i like it!
"Trial and error"
By egeardesigns, 6/20/2010 about
The designs you see slipped through the cracks. The rest got bounced back. Not much strategy there. Just try different variations until it works.
"Great stuff"
By egeardesigns, 6/16/2010 about
Very funny designs. Nice work!
By ToxicAvenger, 6/2/2010 about
its cool man and i don't want to sound like i am trying to tell you how to do your job. i just thought it might be a cool idea
By mannysThoughts, 4/12/2010 about
I dont think i did.. but if you feel that way im taking it down..
By slumberover, 3/27/2010 about
We’re Having A Sleep Over, “And You're Invited”!
By qwertyQ, 2/10/2010 about
can you guys check out my fallout 3 hoodie? i would like to know what you think of it.
By M_Cavet, 11/3/2009 about
Congrats for being a featured proseller on the zazzle homepage. Your designs are great and your shop is really cool!
By nopolymon, 11/3/2009 about
on your being a featured shop. Best wishes. :)
"I like your stuff. Speed Kills is funny!"
By ktreadwe, 10/31/2009 about
By orglioness, 10/31/2009 about
Great gallery and product! I am a fan!
By cyber_art, 10/31/2009 about
Awesome store ! new fan:)
"Thanks again!"
By MADorsey, 10/7/2009 about
Great advices! It means a lot. What did you mean by "I rely on the marketplace to make most of my sales". What marketplace? just word of mouth over the Internet? or a particular Zazzle Marketplace? As you can see I'm no marketing major!!! LOL Cheers, M.A.D.
"Love your stuff but confused!"
By MADorsey, 10/5/2009 about
Hi freakyfashions! Like you, I love my TV and its shows and I made a "Join the glee club" line that was removed for copyright, which makes me wonder how you do it, with all the tv inspired stuff you sell. any advice? Thanks. Michael Anderson Dorsey (M.A.D. Designs)
By spotoftee, 6/22/2009 about
Very Nice
"Nice Start..."
By dman71215, 5/9/2009 about
Hope to see many more tees from you
"Welcome to Zazzle!"
By VampOut, 5/1/2009 about
Love your True Blood stuff!
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