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Now that Jessie, Jason and Damien are free, all of the money raised on this site will be going towards efforts to help them assimilate, and any ongoing efforts to help them regain their INNOCENT status in the free world. We know the shirts are a bit expensive, but consider it a donation towards a very worthy cause.

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"WM3 Freedom"
By Art, 6/10/2014 about
Just watched West of Memphis for the third time and I still can't believe the state of Arkansas can be so blind to the fact that they made a mistake. I don't think I could be as forgiving as D, J, and J.
By RAMONJULIO, 12/22/2013 about
I have followed this case from the beginning and I spent seven years incarcerated and I cry when I think of the injustice that was done to these three young men, finally the truth came out and society should revisit the justice system in this nation and prevent this type of judicial abuse from ever happening again.
"Wrist Band"
By Dragonfly59, 5/29/2013 about
I have...not had a free west Memphis 3 wrist band and always will have it.... I would just like one relevant to the current issues to show my support that I could wear daily.
"Wrist Band"
By Dragonfly59, 5/29/2013 about
I had a Free West Memphis 3 wrist band and would luv to have a Exonerate WM3 band
"Exonerate Design"
By MsDEyed, 12/19/2011 about
I'd love to carry a bookbag and/or canvas bag with this design. It would be used almost daily & would continue to keep their cause noticed & recognized. There's more to be done! Please, think about the bag. Thanks. Lauri.
By No, 12/12/2011 about
I love the new Paradise Lost shirts and will probably be picking some up around Christmas. I'm wondering if you guys will also put the "Injustice For All" on the back of the "Modern Paradise" tees, as well?
By Insomniak, 9/10/2011 about
Excellent graphics and subject matter.
"the state"
By queenshc1385@aol.com, 9/5/2011 about
why where there no charged filed against the judge sitting on the case for misconducted for talking to the foremen or charges against the foremen for talking about the case
"So happy"
By cbell220, 9/3/2011 about
I ordered one of these t-shirts and it's very cool but they are VERY small. At the suggestion on the site, I bought two sizes bigger and it's still a little small. They can be returned, but I'll just give it to someone else and order another one. The money is going to the best cause I can think of!! I'm thankful "my boys" are free.
By ShawnaL, 6/10/2011 about
I was wondering if there was any way that I could help with making some t-shirts and other merchandise or if zazzle has exclusive rights to this?. I have a cafepress store and would happily donate 100% of the profits to the defense fund. Anything to help Damien jason and Jesse
By Pittietatt, 5/11/2011 about
How about a couple of tank tops?!?!?
By xxmushroomsxx, 5/9/2011 about
I am so excited to learn that there are products getting the word out! I am so buying a shirt and a bumper sticker! Awesome :)
By nrmann, 5/6/2011 about
Sick designs!
"Bumper Stickers??"
By Kim, 5/3/2011 about
Not so much for financial support as it would be to bring this case to light...but wouldn't bumper stickers or window clings be helpful in getting the word out?? T-shirts are great and we have bought some already-but bumper stickers or something for the rear window would reach many more. Just an idea...
"OK stupid question"
By , 3/3/2011 about
Buying this merchandise does financially benefit the WM3 legal defense fund, right? Is it more or less helpful than making a donation?
"WM3 Silicone Bracelet"
By jzhe333, 10/10/2010 about
Does anyone know where to find the WM3 black silicone bracelets? I have ordered a few of them from the store here before, but they are no longer available apparently... I just broke my last one and can't find one online... Does anyone know where they may be for sale??? Thanks!!!
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