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Christmas is upon us!!! Complete your list by purchasing a unique item from my store. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon and bring a friend! GMB Photography "capturing beauty in God's Great Big World"

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By MAPASUE, 12/19/2011 about
HI, thanks for stopping in and for all your wonderful comments. You've added some neat stuff since I've been here. I'm suppose to be doing wedding flowers, but I just can't stay off Zazzle! hehe God bless.
By MAPASUE, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for stopping and wishing me happy Monday!!! I'm so glad that I could make you laugh we all can use more of that!! You brightened my day with your comments too, sorry the flower lady is on vacation!! I don't know when she's coming back. ha ha Have a great week!!! blessings Sue
"Hi Gina!"
By Special_Occasions, 12/19/2011 about
I love your gallery, very nice products. I'm a new fan. Happy Easter to you and yours! (((hugz))) Cheryl
By jeffmeyers, 12/18/2010 about
Love your designs. Thanks for being in my fanclub.
By MAPASUE, 11/30/2010 about
So great to hear from you!! I did have a wonderful Thanks giving week!! How was yours? This year has gone by so fast I've gotten so far behind on everything..Hope everything is well with you and yours!! ( I got out of the flowers this time ha ha)
"Breast Cancer Awareness"
By gbmize, 8/31/2010 about
I have removed my Breast Cancer Awareness Category folder...apparently someone claimed it was an infringment, so I do apologize and please know that it was not intentional. I am just curious why it took almost a year for Zazzle to contact me. Anyway, I hope no harm, no foul. Again, apologies.
By MAPASUE, 10/29/2009 about
Thanks for stopping in and leaving such a nice comment!!
"Hi Gina"
By riverdweller, 10/25/2009 about
You have a fabulous gallery and I love your photos. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for becoming a fan. Same here......want to keep coming back to see your beautiful work.......Blessings, Robert
By bmthour, 10/16/2009 about
Thank you for such a lovely compliment. I totally understand about time and figuring things out. : )
By MAPASUE, 10/7/2009 about
Flowers are done for now!! haha thanks for stopping by and for your comments on my lighthouse products I want to do more, well maybe some day.
By MAPASUE, 9/25/2009 about
It is so good to hear from you! Moving wow I have lived in this place for 28 years would be a overwhelming task. I will pray for both of you to be blessed in your new home. We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Colorado I'm still trying to organize all my many,many photos. I go overboard on everything.Thanks for getting in touch.
By MAPASUE, 9/24/2009 about
Hi, haven't been by for a while! I was asked to do flowers again and I thought about you. haha The flower lady is back!! Hope things are well for you may God bless. Sue
"your gallery"
By Wynity, 6/25/2009 about
Hi Gina!! Ta for liking my gallery!!! So sorry it has taken so long to reply!!! I ADORE your gallery..you are very talented! God bless you and yours.
By almedic104, 5/10/2009 about
Happy Mothers day to all the women who have been a role model for children...Regardless of if you have given birth or not. Thank you! ~Al~
By RAPTURE12894, 5/8/2009 about
By MAPASUE, 5/1/2009 about
You already know my life history so I'll just say Hi, LOL Hope things are well with you. Love your new stuff!!
"thankyou for your visit and what beautiful work you have"
By SleepyPupCreations, 4/30/2009 about
it was a joy to visit your site thanks again
"beautiful flowers"
By Albomfamily, 4/30/2009 about
i am a fan.
By MAPASUE, 4/17/2009 about
Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments on my Red Rose Card. Have a blessed day
"Thank you for your visit!"
By vintagetreasurechest, 4/16/2009 about
Beautiful flowers here!
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