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"I suppose if I cared.."
By gdewar, 11/20/2009 about
Thanks for your comments. The "Adama '08" site was just a 2008 thing. I don't know that anyone in 2012 will really care, since BSG is over, and the Obama thing is done too. It was never meant to be a long term project - just a joke at the bar that evolved into a minor Internet meme, and paid for my trip to Comic Con.
"Adama for President"
By Bax_2x, 11/20/2009 about
Maybe just Adama for President with the "A" logo instead of Adama and a year? This way you wouldn't have to change the shirt ever.
"Adama '12"
By Bax_2x, 11/20/2009 about
Greg (gdewar), You need an Adama '12 shirt! No one wants to buy an Adama '08 shirt in 2009 or later. You should update the year on this shirt after the election every 4 years so as to attract new customers to it. My friend who showed this page to me said she would buy an Adama '12 shirt, but not an '08 shirt and I feel the same way. You could sell an updated version of this shirt every 4 years moving forward even after Obama is out of office. Battlestar Galactica fans like it because it's Adama, whether or not his name sounds like the current president or not. Please tell me when you have an Adama '12 shirt and I will purchase one and tell my BSG friends about it. My email is: david.j.baxley@gmail.com
By meowee, 8/10/2009 about
you are off to a great start. welcome to zazzle!
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