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Stop Hollywood White-Washing of the upcoming movie The Last Airbender! Based on the Asian-influenced animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, the movie has now cast three white actors to play lead, heroic Asian or Inuit characters. The fourth white actor cast as the lead, antagonist role had been hastily recast, thereby effectively contrasting three white heroes - existing in an Asian-based fantasy world - fighting an (overall) evil brown nation. More information here: racebending.com The production made a choice. That choice sent a clear message: "American Children of Color: You are not good enough to play the hero, even if that hero shares your ethnicity." Looking for racebending.com t-shirts? - Our t-shirts are now being sold officially at Blacklava.com ! Buy one today! Downloads - Can't afford these? Wanna print your own shirt? Download all the images and slogans you need to make your own shirts, banners, buttons etc - ----CLICK HERE---- .