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Welcome to Golubaja's Fractal Dimensions ! Visions, emotions, feelings, memories, imagination...in colours, shapes, swirls, marbles... when math becomes art, fractal art. I started with Fractal Art in 2003, and I never stopped since then. My favourite fractal softwares are Apophysis and UltraFractal, I love them both and I can’t say which one is the best. Even if fractals are actually beautiful decorative images, I never start one without a concept behind. What I try to represent with my fractals are mostly emotions, feelings, frames of mind. I think fractal art is among the best mediums to do that, because of its dream and imaginary component. When I start a fractal I mainly let my instinct lead me among formulas, shapes and gradients, and as the creation goes on, adding and polishing details, I also start “seeing” what can be hidden behind, and I try to get it out at my best. Zazzle is a very good way to spread my art in so many new ways, thanks to anyone who's stopping by and have fun browsing my little store! Thanks thanks thanks to all the people who're buying from my little store, you really couldn't make me happier! ;) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: All images in the gallery are ©Anna Manfredini. They're NOT public domain. Copying, displaying, redistribution, use, replication or manipulation of any image without permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

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By IVdesigns, 4/26/2013 about
Mi piaciono abbastanza i tuoi nuovi prodotti spero ti piaciono anche i miei! ;)
"Love them fractals"
By elfyboy, 10/2/2012 about
One of the BEST little stores on zazzle. Love it love it love it.
By Junior Mclean, 4/22/2012 about
very cool store!!
By CelestialDreams, 3/6/2012 about
Your site gets better and better every time I stop by and look.
By Fiery_Fire, 2/1/2012 about
Annaaaaaaaa!! You gotta get on it - getting the new products , there is so many of them coming you will have to stay on the site for few nights LOL :)) Check out my revamp of the store !! ;)
By elfyboy, 1/20/2012 about
Admire greatly your artwork, but your proprietary mindset cannot help but raise questions about the nature of inspiration, fair use and sourcing. My feeling is that there is nothing "original" in this world, we just take existing elements and ideas and make them into something meaningful to ourselves. Copyright and other concepts of "ownership" render legally banal that which is truly a magical human process. We each discover the true artist within by letting go of as much of the mundane and mercenary as possible. Much joy, elfyboy
By Arklights, 12/24/2011 about
I just wanted to stop by, and wish you and your love ones a very blessed and magical Christmas, and a wonderful New Year !
"Hey Now"
By BohoPets, 12/19/2011 about
You're page is waking up my inner deadhead. ; ) Sweet!
By The Art of Pamela, 11/14/2011 about
(ஜ۩۞۩ஜ)▬▬ I love your artworks, I think they're great, I wish you many many sales! - Pamela. ▬▬(ஜ۩۞۩ஜ)
"Fan club thanks from 369MyName"
By 369Design, 11/12/2011 about
Love your fabulous designs!
By Junior Mclean, 11/8/2011 about
cool stuff, keep it up!!!
By Hooligan Store, 10/26/2011 about
u got some pretty good stuff! u just made a new fan member haha. ganna post one of ur shirts on my blog for t-shirt of the day. if u want to c it check out my blog or store. please join fan club and comment. thank you
By 369Design, 10/23/2011 about
Fan club thanks from 369Design. :) Your fractal designs are lovely!
"Fan club thanks from Heard_"
By 369Design, 10/20/2011 about
Love your new trinket boxes. Wonderful tile designs!
By ragtops, 10/19/2011 about
Very creative and beautiful imagination.Well worth returning over and over again
"I gotcha !! LOL"
By Fiery_Fire, 10/18/2011 about
Hey - you back on the sites, omg love your fractal boxes !! You go girl you creating those things so fast :))))
By D. Vader, 10/4/2011 about
Congrats on your TBA! Awesome designs!
By Peter Chasse, 7/8/2011 about
Great gallery you have here!! Joined your fc. Wish you a wonderful weekend! Peter.
"ANnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ;)"
By Fiery_Fire, 6/15/2011 about
You didn't think you can hide on Zazzle for longer time, did ya LOL I'm here, my sweetie 'auntiee' ;)
By First Night Design, 5/21/2011 about
This is to let you know that I have opened a second store, First Night Vintage. Have a great weekend! Sarah
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