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Morbidly Adorable: Art of Misty Benson
Curiouser and Curiouser, Idaho
I live, breathe, and conjure my Morbidly Adorables into being from Curiouser and Curiouser, Idaho. From here, the creations and I can smell the sugary scent of coffin cake on the winds. The rustle of leaves sound like hollow bones rattling on pavement. Rain is actually skeletons tap dancing on the roof. Here we vehemently hold onto the ghosts in our dreams. Faeries may be spotted in the dying light. We are not afraid to muddy our white dresses in order to witness the mysterious lives of bugs. Halloween is our favorite time of year, so we spend Christmas decorating our tree with skulls. Life leaves us feeling a little haunted but always enchanted. This is a place where beauty borders on strange and the strange is beautiful. I love all things sweet and spooky, sugar and sour, morbid and adorable! Big eyes fit all those categories and have influenced both my girls and skellies. I first saw the big eye art of Gig as a child. My grandmother had one of his famous "Pity Kitties" on her wall. Besides Gig, a lot of my inspiration comes from big-eyed dolls such as Pullips and Dollfies. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention insects. I have a love and respect for all life, and it even extends to a somewhat obsessive love for insects and their giant eyes. Many of my girls’ eyes reflect those of bugs. I also grew up dreaming away while reading Serendipity books and traveling to the World of Two Moons of the ElfQuest novels where the characters all had big, luminous eyes. Although the skellies don't have big eyes, they have big eye sockets! Even they remember a time when their eyes were large. As the skellies are our otherworldly counterparts, it is only fitting that they are born out of a darker beauty. Although my life has been colored by wonderful adventures, it has also been muddied with personal tragedies. Skellies are my way of commemorating experiences and ideas. Each one represents a smile, a laugh, or even a tear.
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Misty Benson
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Yay! Congrats on yout TBA!! xoxoox! Your store is looking great! LOVE all the new images you've added ;D ~Carrie
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Connie's commented on gossamerfaery 12/19/2011
It's party time at Connie's, so bring your party designs over and post them on my comment wall! I would love to share them.
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Rowood commented on gossamerfaery 12/19/2011
"Fantastic designs and layout!"
Wow, your products are superb. I have rated some of them (all 5's) - wish I could do all. They are wonderful. Pop in and visit if you have time. Robin
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