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Hello, Below you will find a sample of some of the products that are available here at Great Photos. You can add your own words, to the products that I have listed here. You can also choose a different color, style, size, etc. of the products. Have fun creating your own personalized items with the products you will find here at Great Photos. Please click on "view all" below the words "Featured Products" on the left of this page, to see all of over 900 products that are available in my store. I will be adding more soon so please check back often to see the latest additions. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day. Wanda

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By elenaind, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for your nice comment about my keychain..i'm glad you like it :) Your gallery and stuff is really awesome,I wanna be your fan :) Best greetings from Italy
"Thirty two pages of wonderful photos and products! :)"
By Mulestubborn, 9/21/2009 about
You have some of the most telling and talkative photos I have had the pleasure of viewing. :) Thanks for the nice feelings! I am going to join your fan club so I can come back a take a peek every now and then. :) Have a great day... Mulestubborn
"Thank you all for your kind comments, I greatly appreciate it."
By greatphotos, 8/19/2009 about
"Great Work!"
By lifesphere, 8/11/2009 about
Very good work on colors
"Hi Wanda"
By riverdweller, 5/27/2008 about
Thanks for visiting my gallery and your kind comment. You have a beautiful gallery. I'm becoming a fan so I can come back again and admire your work. Best Wishes, Robert
By almedic104, 3/6/2008 about
Great photography and gallery Wanda. I am a fan! ~Al
"Very pretty stuff"
By amazingvintage, 2/7/2008 about
Very nice!
"lovely photos"
By oftheangels, 2/1/2008 about
Your sunsets and your flowers are beautiful! Great photos for sure.......
"Thanks, Wanda,"
By naturegirl7, 1/30/2008 about
for the nice comments about the Speckled Kingsnake photo. You have some lovely work here. Nice to see a fellow Louisianian.
By tompurse, 1/26/2008 about
Back again to look at your new photos. Nice work.
"Thanx :o)"
By Mike_Montalvo, 1/22/2008 about
Thanx again for your great comments :o)
By Mike_Montalvo, 1/17/2008 about
Thank you very much for your wonderful comments, you have some great photos here too :o)
"Simply Phenomenal"
By CowboyCraic, 1/16/2008 about
at every click! I have tried to nail down just one that stands out. THat seems impossible! I have narrowed it down to the "Sailing on Lake Pontchartrain" and "Rose of Sharon" but wait ...... I wish you much success! Bright Blessings, Bit
By greatphotos, 1/6/2008 about
Thank all of you for your nice comments. I really appreciate it.
By hopefulone, 1/6/2008 about
You just keep adding more beautiful works! Keep it up! —Geri
"Great Photos"
By AVGPhoto, 1/4/2008 about
I love the red rose and the waterfalls photos the best!
By Practicaps, 12/18/2007 about
Nice to have a positive comment, rspecially from a fellow photographer.
By tompurse, 12/9/2007 about
Thanks for the comment on my "Autumn stream". Your comment is greatly appreciated.
By asyrum, 12/9/2007 about
...for your comment on my birthday card! =)
By patcallum, 12/5/2007 about
Thank you for your nice comments. You have a very nice gallery!
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