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"Love these canvas shoes"
By heathernstephens, 12/19/2011 about
This is wonderful and I can't wait to design a pair for my daughter's 4th birthday!
By areyoukiddingme1, 6/6/2010 about
You just insulted Heather Ross. Are *unicorns and flowers* not girly enough for you? Her shoes are "kinda funky" because that's a good thing and it's her style. People DO buy her shoes. LOTS of them. They're collected like you probably collect Happy Meal Toys. Heather Ross is an international fabric designer and artist. People pay $100 just for enough fabric to make a dress. Her fabrics are carried in thousands of store around the world and online. Google her, and then show some respect. By the way, how well do YOUR things sell? Ha.
By allyouneedislove1, 6/1/2010 about
Hi some of your shoes are kinda funky. No offense or anything but maybe if you made some girly stuff people may start buying it. Plus if you publish your website people will buy stuff
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3 results