Chinese Number Clocks
Chinese Zodiac Dragon
Chinese Zodiac Snake
Chinese Zodiac Horse
Chinese Zodiac Ram
Chinese Zodiac Monkey
Chinese Zodiac Rooster
Chinese Zodiac Dog
Chinese Zodiac Pig
Chinese Zodiac Ox
Chinese Zodiac Rat
Chinese Zodiac Tiger
Chinese Zodiac Rabbit (Hare)
Aunt (Chinese)
Christmas (Chinese)
Father (Chinese)
Grandfather (Chinese)
Grandmother (Chinese)
Little Brother & Big Brother (Chinese) DiDi GeGe
Little Sister & Big Sister (Chinese) MeiMei JieJie
Mother (Chinese)
Twins (Chinese)
Uncle (Chinese)

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Welcome to Henimage, where you'll find beautifully designed gifts catering to adoptive and multicultural families, with a focus here on China designs. Find unique Chinese New Year and Zodiac t-shirts & gifts, as well as creative and beautiful China family designs. Other country designs also available in my other stores: See: for Russia Adoption Gifts; for Korea Adoption Gifts, and more countries by visiting my main website at: Thank you so much!

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By adoptiondesigns, 2/13/2011 about
You're featured on!
"Awesome gallery!"
By robynsnest, 5/27/2009 about
Love your designs.
By Michael_Shake, 5/2/2009 about
Very unique product line and very creative designs, great work!
By bubbasbunkhouse, 5/1/2009 about
What a great gallery idea and even better designs 5* all the way.
"Fun Artwork"
By Trebor43, 1/14/2009 about
Love your designs. People who adopt are special people.
By indiebabexx, 12/9/2008 about
Cute artwork
By emele1, 12/9/2008 about
Great gallery! I really like that rat design... :)
"Year of the rat keychain"
By dlou007, 1/14/2008 about
I love your design for the keychain. Any way to customize it and add in a corporate logo at the bottom under the "year of the rat" sign? I would love to give this at a company event. Please advise and email me at I can send you the logo. Thanks very much
By savexmasnow, 12/1/2007 about
I love the year of the rat stuff. Great design!
By niagaragirl, 11/30/2007 about
Awesome designs! I love the Asian influence.
By kazab75, 11/11/2007 about
What a really great idea! I have a friend with a chinese daughter. I will be sure to tell her about your gallery. You have such pretty products!
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