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Welcome to my homepage here at Zazzle. I really appreciate all those who have purchased my designs! The color and quality of the basic poster are OUTSTANDING! BUY YOUR SHIRTS LARGER THAN YOU NORMALLY WEAR, especially in women's shirts because they tend to run small! I love the shirts that I have bought. They are good quality with nice printing. At Zazzle, you can now make your purchases with PayPal in addition to credit cards! Click here for money saving offers information. Be sure to scroll down that page to see all the special offers. I have designated some of my characters as "hero" for various reasons. If you want to view the heroes, type the word hero into the "Search This Store" area on the left of this page. Please consider signing up for Donate Life. Art by Lee Stand by Me Nanci Gravill's Blog: Fresh Hope....Cleveland Help for people going through tough times. Robot in Space by Holder Christmas Eve in Toon Town 2 playing cards by Holder Playing Cards Crossing the Street playing cards by Holder Man on the Beach playing cards by Holder Angels Are Everywhere playing cards by Holder Smilie Ornaments Christmas postcard by Holder Dental Cap ornament by Holder These photo sculptures can be ordered as ornaments. Click Here for the photosculptures of Holder's Characters. Citizenship by Holder What you see on this page is just a sampling. Click Here for All of Holder's Products My Google Feed Please see Fleaster's Gallery at Zazzle. Fleaster is Holder's husband. Please see BeckyB's Gallery at Zazzle Please see mmdm's Gallery at Zazzle Please see Judy's Gallery at Zazzle Please see sleeper54's Store at Zazzle Powered By Ringsurf Zazzlers Top Site List