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Mother lode? You hit the father lode! (That didn't sound right). Welcome to HowToBeADad.com's official attempt at making some dough off of the labor of love that is our blog.

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By scribbleprints, 1/9/2012 about
Just found your blog, and just when I was thinking "they should put some of this stuff on t-shirts" I find this. Awesome! I'm definitely getting some of your parental Crossing cards next time they have a good card sale! Speaking on that, I featured your card on this site (http://www.squidoo.com/dailydisaster) using Zazzle's affiliate program. If that's NOT ok, please let me know and I'll remove it. I also featured your blog there as the blog of the month (on the sidebar). :-)
"Zombie onesie!!"
By HaHas for HooHas, 11/5/2011 about
The only thing that would make this better, is if it came in a onesie. If you get super rich off that idea, you can pay me in rubies...or alligator skin boots. Your welcome. :) www.hahasforhoohas.com
"Zombie vs Baby"
By Keith, 10/28/2011 about
I enjoy your blog. As soon as I saw Zombie vs Baby, I thought it would make a great shirt. I'm glad to see you did it.
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