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"American Apparel"
By hsabbah, 3/28/2014 about
I would not recommend that, it's just a basic design, but you can choose any other t-shirt type other than American Apparel, e.g. basic t-shirt.
"American Apparel, really?"
By Handala, 3/27/2014 about
Why do you sell American Apparel clothing. CEO Dov Charney is a Zionist and American Apparel has stores in occupied Palestine.
"There is black."
By hsabbah, 11/4/2012 about
To get all styles and colors, click on "see all" button on the right side. This will get you all styles/colors. Scroll to end you will see the blacks. Select the one you like. regards
"Limited color availability"
By TheAZCowBoy, 11/3/2012 about
Apache helicopter firing missile/Young Gaza school boy with backpack tee: WHY NO BLACK!!!!!! Poly/cotten blend wanted, also.
By TheAZCowBoy, 11/3/2012 about
So, why no response to my comments of 08.20.2012?
By TheAZCowBoy, 8/20/2011 about
Why not a higher quality poly/cotten blend tee at $25.00? Why not black as a choice?
"Payment methods"
By hsabbah, 8/20/2011 about
You can use Visa! According to Zazzle help: What payment methods are accepted on Zazzle.com? We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal, as well as Zazzle earnings and gift certificates as payment. We do not accept personal checks, cash, or money orders... or any other payments by regular, posted mail.
"Buying items."
By Patrick A.G., 8/18/2011 about
I dont like paypal. I have a visa card and would like to use it in my transactions on line. there must be more like me who would like to purchase but are put off by paypall.
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