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T-shirts, posters and accessories featuring artwork from Hyperbole and a Half.

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"Request! I love brick"
By djkarenmarie, 10/21/2014 about
I love brick shirt PLEASE!!!
By KBeirnes, 8/22/2014 about
More trucker hats and more HaaH artwork! USE ALL THE PICS!!!!
"Mac Decals"
By Caz, 8/14/2014 about
You should produce & sell Apple Mac Decals.
By JParis, 3/5/2014 about
Please put Spaghetta Nadle saying "AH LAHVE CAHFFAH!" on a coffee mug! I would probably buy five just to keep my kids from fighting over it!
"more mug designs please!"
By Christine, 2/16/2014 about
PUHLEEEEZE put "what is wrong with me" on a mug! I am NOT getting out of bed or feeding my dog until you do!!! ;)
"Hurray! ^_^"
By Rebecca, 1/31/2014 about
Your work is amazing! I just joined zazzle and finding products from my fave web comic made my day!
"please please"
By r, 1/20/2014 about
posters? clean all the things posters? I would buy!
By catmah, 1/6/2014 about
Would probably buy anything with the brain throwing hate....anything. (p.s. thank you for writing about depression. i have anxiety (lots) and depression and just wanted you to know it brought me grace. p.s.s. i bought a dozen copies of your book and gave them to my favorite people as Christmas presents. truth is amazing, expecially when it is true and funny.)
By Cyndi Loveless, 1/4/2014 about
Oh please!! Internet Forever on a TShirt....yes yes yes
"bumper stickers?"
By cher, 1/1/2014 about
hello, i would really love to have a "maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit" bumper sticker, thank you for your consideration.
"ALSO "maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit" request"
By ninthgirl, 12/21/2013 about
I was hoping to find this as a poster!!! Or a framed print? Coffee mug? Anything!!!
""Hopeless Bullshit""
By buttersccotchhair, 12/15/2013 about
I was also hoping you might someday add the "Maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit" might be added to your store someday. Love that one!
By kim, 7/11/2013 about
I so very, very badly want to buy a maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit shirt from you, but it doesn't seem to exist yet
"Cool and very unique :)"
By Meghan's Dream Designs, 5/14/2013 about
Hi there- you're designs are quite unique and cool- my favorite one is 'I Can Do Anything' design. Keep up a good work
By POSITIVEMAMA, 5/11/2013 about
Congrats on being a featured store!
"I Made Food"
By Diane, 5/9/2013 about
I would LOVE this in a T-shirt. Just the one frame that says "I made food. I'm magical." Is this possible?
By Jeanne René, 5/4/2013 about
Fun store ... lots of great products! Congrats on being a featured store!
"181 Messages"
By BicycleThief14, 4/24/2013 about
So, I am not reading thru all your messages to see if this is already suggested, but the "Spiders are Scary" picture would sell like crazy (to me & all I know) if you made it available in a tshirt!
"Great store"
By www.zazzle.com/serbia, 4/6/2013 about
Got Serbian friends please tell tham about my store..Thank you...Lou
By Jonnell, 11/20/2012 about
Oh mah goodness. I ordered your "I can do anything" mug for a boyfriend I just made, and it got here so fast and looks great and I'm pretty damn excited about the whole thing. Good job at being awesome and winning the internet!
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