Snowman series 1
zombie breaking in
9 zombie cats
16 zombies
zombie experiment
Coffee Zombie 2
rage zombie
coffee zombie
3 sad zombies
zombie clown 2
chaos zombie
zombie abstract minimal
zombie shamrock
zombie yeaah!
zombie crawl
zombie clown
zombie eating bacon cat
zombie finger
apocalyptic circle
zombie horde
zombie in the ruins
zombie patient
drooling boil zombie
zombie rat brain eater
zombie doodle
hunchback cat
zombie wall
anti feast
zombie kitten belly rub
devil zombie cat
green zombie kitten
Snowman Zombie
i love zombies 2
i love zombies 1
zombie santa 2
zombie santa
zombie mushroom
zombies 1-50
cups of gore
posters of pain
sick stickers

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Zombie art and undead designs by horror artist Byron von Rempel. The walking dead are coming and the zombie apocalypse is going to be epic. If you are looking for more zombie cats of the apocalypse, check out the Zombie Cats store .

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"Zombie art that rocks!"
By Amusing Creatures, 10/10/2013 about
Well done. It is great to see hands on (and off) illustrating. Very inspiring...
By Destiny, 3/15/2013 about
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