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Why would anyone spend a small fortune for a simple cotton T-shirt? Because they can, silly, why else! Anyone can go out and buy a t-shirt for ten or twenty dollars but it's dang near impossible to find one for $100.00! That's where I come in. IfYouHaveToAsk was created for the discriminating t-shirt buyer, one with lots and lots of disposable income in their wallets and on their credit cards. As if the coolness of the shirt itself were not reason enought to part with your hard earned cash, you'll also be helping the nice African people that work with "edun Live" (one of Bono from the band U2's pet projects) who grow, spin and weave the quality cotton which permeates this pricey apparel. Oh, and the profits from each sale will help feed, house and clothe a family of 5 in Ohio. How awesome is that? Wear it in style and smile!

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Cool gallery, glad to be the first to comment. I'm joining now your FC Merry Christmas
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