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Bold, colorful, abstract creations by Internationally Unknown Artist, Carmen Hurt.

Comment Wall

20 results
By salonandspaart, 12/3/2012 about
Love your work!!! Great colors!
"Your colorful imagination"
By ragtops, 10/19/2011 about
and placement of objects is brilliant !
By monstervox, 9/24/2011 about
Thanks for your comment! Love your designs!
By megashockdesign, 9/21/2011 about
Thank you so much for joining my FC!! Best wishes!
By Basant Soni, 8/28/2011 about
Enjoyed colorful attractive pleasing creativity . super gallery.. My best wishes .. i generate Organic Art from ingredients of our Mother Earth in Natural forms on Bark-Canvas of palm tree.No colors/artificial materials. New concept of Eco-Friendly art
By Kayleigh Walmsley, 8/26/2011 about
Thank you for the lovely comments! What great designs you have!
By JuJuGarden, 8/25/2011 about
Love yours too!
By ART GONE WILD!, 8/23/2011 about
Bizarre Bazaar thanks you for joining our FC, we are now mutual fanz. WOW, you have some fantastic color in your work.. Great concepts, Peter Max would be proud!
By Pawsitive Design Studio, 8/21/2011 about
Thank you for the nice comment on my iPhone case! You have such lovely, colorful designs! Love them...especially the ones with the cute animals! I'm a fan, so I joined your fan club! Thanks again and best of luck to you on Zazzle!
By Sparefingers, 8/20/2011 about
Thanks for joining my fan club! Totally in the internationally unknown artist club too! Wonderful art, great compositions! Best of luck!
By gretzky, 8/20/2011 about
Hi Carmen, Thanks so much for joining my fan club and for your terrific comments. I am so glad to return the love because YOUR DESIGNS ARE AWESOME! I love the color combinations, the boldness, and the geometric feel. I'll be watching you.
By sunfluer, 8/14/2011 about
Hi! Thanks for joining my fan clubs. I'm a fan too! Love the Off the Wall artwork. I think it would look great on other products also. Best of luck with your store.
"Hi Carmen!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 8/11/2011 about
You are welcome! Thanks for your visit, compliments, & for joining my Fan Club! I truly appreciate you takeing the time to visit my store. Good to hear that you liked the Radical Art 45 iPad Case. Hope you stop in again soon. Have a Great week! Ron
"Hi Carmen, Very Nice to meet you!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 8/11/2011 about
Cool store, best of luck, keep up the beautiful work! Ron
By Diana L Gray, 8/7/2011 about
You have REALLY Cool designs! Thanks for joining my FC. Best of luck with Zazzle!
By Poramit, 8/7/2011 about
thank for stop by and leave a nice comment on my pixipig sneakerhave a great day:-)
"Thanks for your comment!"
By JuJuGarden, 8/6/2011 about
And for joining my FC!
By Noelia, 8/4/2011 about
Thanks for your visit, your kind comment and for joining my fan club! I'm also your fan! good luck on your store! ^_^
By ShockCards, 8/3/2011 about
Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m glad we're mutual fans now. All the best to you. :-)
"Carmen Hurt Art"
By maleryani, 7/17/2011 about
The artwork of Carmen is wonderfully unique, inspiring and fun! From the use of vibrant colors to the shapes and depth of the paintings. A joy to look at, and I was surprised to see her work available as phone cases and shoes!! Well done.
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20 results