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Welcome to the Gate-To-Nowhere-Gallery on Zazzle.com. The artwork on these pages is done by Inga Nielsen. See more of her images at www.gatetonowhere.de . To ensure high quality, all posters and other products are printed with images which have resolutions of at least 5906x3937 pixels. Posters Calendar 2014 Canvas prints Greeting-Cards Mouse Pads Mugs Apparel Stamps plates iPad Cases Pillows Clocks Bags

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"Youtuber using your image as background"
By les_etoiles, 8/9/2014 about
Hi Inga! Don't know if you're still active here but in case, I wanted to let you know that a Youtuber used your image "Hideaway" as a background to a video they uplaoded & they didn't credit you. It's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNWpZ-Y_KvU
By Radenbrea Studios, 12/29/2012 about
Awesome, stunning work. Just Beautiful.
"Great gallery, Inga!"
By codfishlady, 12/19/2011 about
I'm a fan!
"I am loving inganielson's work! Wonderful stuff."
By Wookiepooky, 12/19/2011 about
I agree with Lostris and Noodleli, this gallery is great.
"Sorry! I'm loving inganielsen's gallery!"
By Wookiepooky, 12/19/2011 about
"Site ripping your image"
By les_etoiles, 8/21/2011 about
Hi Inga, I just saw someone link to an image of yours at this site: http://nature-wallpapers.co.uk/2011/02/14/its-the-sunrise-at-the-north-pole-with-the-moon-at-its-closest-point/ Since they apparently think it's a photo, I'm guessing they don't have your permission to distribute this!
"An Impressive Gallery"
By Xzendor7, 1/29/2011 about
I'm A Fan
"*verneig* :-)"
By admira, 4/13/2010 about
Aaaaaahhhh, deine schönen Bilder! - nach 'unique-posters' irgendwie aus den Augen verloren, und so froh deine Kreationen wiedergefunden zu haben. Musste gleich mal überall (auch in DA) beitreten - lol - Best of sales!
By lifesphere, 8/11/2009 about
5 star store, loving the petals
By digitalblasphemy, 5/23/2009 about
Extraordinary work Inga. I am really impressed with how you have used 2D (Photoshop) to add detail that would be very difficult to achieve using 3D alone. Your choice of subject matter is awesome as well. I am a huge fan!
By CemDesigns, 3/12/2009 about
Have been away for a little while, but WOW! Thanks for joining my little fan base.
By D_C_Seibold, 2/22/2009 about
By KrazyKerry, 2/11/2009 about
I love your gallery, your art is beautiful and unique!! I just became a big fan
"That's my kind of art!"
By Spaceart, 12/21/2008 about
Are you an artist or just fan? Please come join us at http://spaceart.ning.com Godspeed!
"You definitely have an imagination and the creative"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 12/8/2008 about
talent to bring it to fruition! Great gallery.
By MarkAmy, 10/31/2008 about
Hi Inga, Your work is just incredible! You are so creative, imaginative and talented. I wish you every success! Mark
"Amazing Gallery"
By alexanderbutler, 10/14/2008 about
Outstanding artwork
By inganielsen, 7/10/2008 about
thank you :) Yes, of course I did :)
By lsvmanga, 7/10/2008 about
Wow beautiful! You made those?...........
By Madame_Horror, 6/8/2008 about
Beautifully ethereal imagery!
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