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Being that Jason passed away December 16th, 2009, Jason's brother Greg Loucks now runs this store! All proceeds go to his foundation: http://www.jasonmitchener.com/foundation.html Looking at Jason Mitchener’s vibrant artwork, many people wish they had his talented hands. Having Jason’s hands wouldn’t help though because he creates his art on the computer with a stick held between his teeth. Born with a rare neuromuscular disease, Jason is confined to an electric wheelchair and requires a ventilator to breathe. “Think Christopher Reeve, only better looking,” Jason jokes. Jason has been creating art on the computer for over seven years. “My dad was an artist who did etchings of Kachinas. I always wanted to be able to draw like him but I couldn’t,” Jason shares. He couldn’t, that is, until he found the right medium. “Once I discovered 3D digital art, I was finally able to be an artist like my dad.” Covering a wide range of subjects including landscapes, animals, and people, Jason’s art enables him to shine despite his disability.

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"I think it's wonderful that you are keeping this gallery going in your brother's honor and memory."
By Rebecca Reeder, 7/19/2011 about
I am glad that I "found" this gallery on Zazzle, and I wish you lots of sales!
By ChristianApplause, 10/21/2010 about
Your design has won the XTOLZ Excellence in Christian Design award. See all winner's at the ECD Award Gallery
By isabelalfarrobinha, 2/6/2010 about
what lovely store i'm glad i stoped by
"Holiday Greetings!"
By PKHVRH, 12/14/2009 about
Wishing you Happy Holidays and a very prosperous New Year! ~PKHVRH~
By wildaboutanimals, 10/31/2009 about
Jason, gorgeous work!!!!.......www.zazzle.com.wildaboutanimals
"Great Work"
By gunjan_k30, 5/26/2009 about
AWESOME WORK, JASON ! Wishing you Good luck !
"Beautiful work ... I especially love Eagle with Scripture."
By Ceyzpurplestang, 5/25/2009 about
By randymedlin, 5/25/2009 about
Jason ! Great Site ! Enjoyed my visit and I am now a fan. Wish I knew more about 3D artwork . Hope all is well.
By JeffersonAF, 5/24/2009 about
superb art work.
"Beautiful Gallery!"
By Kerem, 5/22/2009 about
Beautiful works man. Love your gallery!
"You do amazing work!"
By codfishlady, 5/21/2009 about
Nice gallery!
"Beautiful gallery! I'm a fan!"
By Aquavel, 5/18/2009 about
By Ricaso_Graphics, 5/17/2009 about
You're an amazing artist and an inspiration .. : )
"keep up the great work Jason ! I am a HUGE FAN !"
By 3DMOONMAN, 5/16/2009 about
"Welcome and continue to ZAZZLE the world"
By SweetRascal, 5/16/2009 about
with your motivation!
"Jason ! You are amazing !!"
By Toonboy, 5/16/2009 about
Beautiful work keep it up !!
By bubbasbunkhouse, 5/16/2009 about
Amazing work a fan for sure!
"Super work Jason!"
By artbyjehf, 5/16/2009 about
Your art is filled with wonder and beauty. Fantastic!! Best wishes in your goal to get your van fixed so you can continue your inspirational work. Hey everyone - read Jason's story on the Community Pulse page then visit his store and lend a hand if you can. Loads of super art here!
"Hi Jason, Fantastic Store you have here!"
By mickeyelvis128, 5/15/2009 about
Happy Zazzling...
By anneklar, 5/15/2009 about
Hello Jason, I just noticed your work on Squidoo as Pam Featured Me As Well. Beautiful Work! Continued Joy, Anne Klar p.s. I''m A Fan
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