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Art and Design by Jeff Bartels
Original art and Illustrations by Canadian artist Jeff Bartels
Toronto, Ontario
Jeff Bartels is an artist from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Jeff’s fine art focuses on hands and musical instruments that have a hyperrealistic style. His works have been part of Hyperrealism exhibitions around the world from Canada to South Korea. Jeff’s digital illustrations evolved out of his history with tattoo designs and vary widely in style and theme. Everything from dark skulls and mythical creatures to fun and adorable animals and graphic designs.
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Comments (46)
Merlyn Mendez commented on JeffBartels 3/11/2016
"Skull with Dominican flag."
Hello, I would like to know if you do special request I would like something like this for a bumper sticker. I would like the punisher skull not the full round skull but the punisher skull with the Dominican flag on it on a square bumper or round bumper sticker with enough space for some words on it.
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Thomas Ludwig Mohr commented on JeffBartels 10/19/2015
"Business Card"
Hi Mr. Bartels! Just used your golden violin with the red background design for business cards. You are very talented! Thank you!
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commented on JeffBartels 10/5/2015
Hi Jeff. You are incredibly talented. would it be possible if i can compensate you for use of an image designed on a t-shirt. Although I know you are incredibly busy - your response would be greatly appreciated
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No comments yet.