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"Hi Jessica!"
By Cindy Cristini, 4/24/2012 about
Thank you for all the encouragement and help in getting my store started. I am so proud of you! Announcements by Jessica is just filled with awesome ideas and options for every occasion or event!
"What a fun gallery! Happy Holidays to you! =) Liz"
By Lizreg, 12/11/2008 about
"Wonderful ideas"
By mindpixels, 11/20/2008 about
Very creative
By darling_designs, 7/14/2008 about
Very nice gallery!
"You have a nice gallery with a wide variety of designs."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 7/4/2008 about
By JessicaInSeattle, 5/22/2008 about
You have added a lot to your gallery since I last visited. Your "magazine cover" is such a fantastic idea!
By myhome71, 5/8/2008 about
Hi, great gallery you have congrats, I'm a fan now, see you soon, Aurora
By mikek92349, 5/2/2008 about
Stopping by to say hello, and wish you a great weekend.
"Beautiful Designs and Colors!"
By WanderLinArts, 3/12/2008 about
"YOU are so very welcome Jessica...I love your work!"
By Cheries_Art, 3/10/2008 about
By BenShi, 2/27/2008 about
Thanks for joining my gallery. The best of luck always! :^)
"A very nice gallery here!"
By mickeyelvis128, 2/18/2008 about
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
By JessicaInSeattle, 2/14/2008 about
"Good Ideas and Great Presentations"
By Reflekshins, 2/8/2008 about
"You have a great gallery..."
By dreamingagain, 2/5/2008 about
I wish you much success; you have what it takes!
"Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by my place! Looks real good in here!"
By Cheries_Art, 1/29/2008 about
By minx267, 12/19/2007 about
Great gallery! you have some fantastic pictures here! love all the animal shots!
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17 results