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9 results
By Destiny, 3/10/2011 about
Gorgeous gallery & I love the purple :-)***************
"Thankyou for making my day with your comments! Have a Super "
By Passport2Heaven, 10/19/2007 about
Wonderful Day!!!
By Rainmountain, 9/9/2007 about
Grin, you're welcome. TBA is short for "Today's Best Award" :)
By thelumpster, 9/9/2007 about
I just love your Before and After coffee mug. That's me in the morning.
"You re welcome."
By yanmos, 7/31/2007 about
"Really lovely gallery!"
By yanmos, 7/31/2007 about
"Thank You to Everyone"
By jmarkafghans, 6/13/2007 about
who has joined my fan club. I am honored.
By KABSANNIE, 6/11/2007 about
Thank you jmarkafghans for joining my fan club! Very much appreciated! I see you are from Phoenix, how cool. My Sister has some friends that invite her there and she gets to stay with them for two weeks every other year. She loves it there! Welcome to Zazzle. Best Wishes
"thanks for your comments on my "star spangled banner tank"-)"
By liljulez, 6/10/2007 about
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9 results