HUMOR: Things that make my friends laugh.
CHICKS: Things confusing to dudes.
DUDES: Things for my friends with a wallie.
SEX: Things that make my friends horny.
BOOBS: Things friends won't share.
DRINKING: Things to make you drunk dial.
BEACH: Things my non coastal friends envy.
HOLIDAYS: Things that make fun of holidays.
SPORTS: Things that make tailgaters happy.
COLLEGE: Things that make college kids text.
ARMED FORCES: Things making me proud.
TV & MOVIES: Things media dorks enjoy.
TALLAHASSEE: Things about the place I live.
WORK: Things retired folk don't miss.
THINGS I LIKE: Even if my friends don't get it.
QUOTES: Things people said.  Some are funny.
BUTTONS: Some with funny stuff on them.
RELIGION: Stuff about God.
PRINTS: Things around here, in pictures.

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Hello There! If you laugh at sexy, ribald, adult, goofy, sarcastic humor, you might find something here that makes you chuckle. If you like beer and boobs and snarky SmartAss humor, then you're right at home. If dick and fart jokes make you laugh, welcome to the party. If you like Hooters, well, who doesn't? Did I mention the titties and beer and sarcasm and sports? (BTW, obviously a lot of this might be considered R rated, so you'll have to log in to see it.)