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"Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong," said Winston Churchil Welcome to my shop where you will find gifts and merchandise of my art and photography, t-shirts,mugs,bags,ties,stamps,Greeting cards,stickers and more. If you see some images that you would like on a ddifferent product,please let me know. My Original paintings are available on : http://www.yessy.com/jordanka http://www.treeartist.etsy.com http://ArtsCad.com/@/JordankaYaretz www.trunkt.org/jordanka Thanks for stoping by.

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By olmpal, 12/19/2011 about
Hi, thanks for joining my FC. I'm joining yours. Nice designs you have here!
By jeanhar1, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you for your support and joining my fan club. My Zazzle profile isn't very detailed, so I would like to personally invite you to my official website. www.jeanhartartwork.com I look forward to your visit and don't forget to sign my guestbook and subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for being a fan, ~ Jean
By PhotoLisa, 12/19/2011 about
You are sooo gifted and talented. I love your work, it's no wonder you have won awards and been featured. Glad I visisted and joined your fc. Kudos to you for living your passion!!
By HighCal, 12/19/2011 about
Hi Jordanka! I finally made it to your gallery and joined your fan club! Keep up the great work, it's lovely!
"Great Work!!"
By Diane Clancy, 7/18/2011 about
I have always loved your work!! ~ Diane Clancy
By arklights, 2/16/2011 about
What a beautiful display of artistic talent !! I am a fan!
By TheScenicRoute, 10/16/2010 about
Hi There, thank you for joining my fanclub. Your work looks so beautiful. Have a super weekend, Lau
"I am also a fan!"
By galleriaofart, 10/5/2010 about
"Nice gallery!"
By funnyjokes, 9/5/2010 about
I'm a fan! I a have a new shop! You are already a fan of my other store Sandyspider.
By gkrew1, 8/9/2010 about
Thank you for joining my fan club. Nice products
By Jenlin01, 5/29/2010 about
Love your artwork. Beautiful!
"Thank you for joining my fan club"
By sunrisern, 4/16/2010 about
and visiting my gallery. You have beautiful artwork. I'm your fan, too!
"Nice gallery :)"
By BengLim, 4/13/2010 about
Thanks for drop by my store :)
"Beautiful gallery!"
By jgh96sbc, 4/13/2010 about
By simplenart, 1/24/2010 about
Thanks for visiting my gallery & for joining my fan club. You have some really lovely designs especially the tree's. Great store! I wish you all the best! We are now mutual fans : )
By micotutu, 1/22/2010 about
Thank you for joining my fc. Beautiful artwork ! I am a fan.
"Beautiful Gallery"
By Webjunkie09, 1/22/2010 about
Keep up the great work I AM A FAN~~~
By dryfhout, 1/21/2010 about
Just became your fan... thanx for including me in your club. The best of sales in 2010... and beyond.
By jeanhar1, 1/20/2010 about
I really enjoy your artwork. Very nice. I'm a fan.
By Heard_, 11/30/2009 about
Love your designs! I'm a fan! (And thanks for joining my fan club, too!)
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