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Joe Vriens is a professional concept artist & illustrator with over a decade of professional experience in various industries including comic book, animation & video games. I have worked with Microsoft, Udon Ent.,Sony Ent. Capcom, Blizzard/TokyoPop, Marvel, DC comics, Wildstorm, Silicon Knights, Sota Toys, LeapFrog, SEGA and many more.

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"iPod Pink Sock Monster case"
By joverine, 2/26/2013 about
Hey thanks Camden, I just made 2 different iPod cases and uploaded them...they should be up within 24 hours! cheers :)
By Camden James, 2/26/2013 about
I love your work. The pink sock monster is one of my favorites. If you'd put it onto iPod cases instead of just iPhone ones then I'd definitely buy one.
By sjn_drawings, 11/17/2012 about
Wow! Very impressive work!
By continuous_gifts, 9/29/2012 about
Very talented! Especially your "Mad Cow" illustration. Wishing you the best with your store as well as in your career.:)
By Darlene Sullins, 7/19/2011 about
Like your art ^^ Awesome werewolves! :D
By JoGeeTV, 7/9/2011 about
haha yeah!!! JoGee has it's own store! as you know ;)
By joverine, 2/21/2011 about
oops didn't see these comments! thank you so much, I'm honoured. cheers joe
By Ripper2009, 1/6/2011 about
Great stuff
"Happy MONSTER Holidays!"
By MONSTERVISIONS, 12/26/2010 about
Awesome images, the monsters are your fans!
By GRACEVISIONS, 12/26/2010 about
..Totally WOW!
By joverine, 12/1/2010 about
Sprayer/toronn--thanks for stopping by ! :)
"Hi friend!"
By toronn, 11/18/2010 about
your work is so great !!!!!!
By joverine, 11/1/2010 about
wow, thanks so much everyone!
By Badchef_Designs, 10/27/2010 about
Really great work, brother. Congrats!
By odinwar, 10/20/2010 about
Lo Here Do I Find Treasure! Surely Odin Guides Thy Hand!
By mariahlachance, 10/20/2010 about
I like your art... very cool
By flyingdiscs, 10/19/2010 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store!
"Congrats on being a Featured Shop!"
By VintageFlair, 10/19/2010 about
Amazing artwork. I love your talent of making things ugly but beautiful at the same time. Best of luck!
By joverine, 10/18/2010 about
thanks for the support everyone! I hope to add more to my store soon cheers! joe
By sheyballer, 10/18/2010 about
nice stuff
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