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Conservative Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Posters, Caps, Apparel and more! Custom artwork designed on request. Politics, Issues, Activism, Taxes, Gun Control, Abortion, Pro-Life, Socialism, Communism, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Progressive, Party.

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By seapearls, 12/19/2011 about
I am sorry to hear that your bumper sticker was pulled. Don't They Get the Joke? It reminded me of a science experiment gone bad. Unintended Consequences. Keep Your Chin Up. Check Out This Web Site: www.pjtv.com Watch: The ZONATION Alfonzo Rachel's Videos. Bye
"Zazzle keeps yanking me."
By JWWright, 2/20/2010 about
More designs of mine have been deleted, while others worse than mine, but of the opposite persuasion, get a pass... gosh, one must wonder why?
"More design coming soon..."
By JWWright, 1/18/2010 about
Been way too busy, but I have some swell ideas for more lib-smacking designs... stay tuned, kids!
"Awesome products! ~Liz"
By Lizreg, 7/16/2009 about
"Thanks for the feedback!"
By JWWright, 7/16/2009 about
Zazzle is still pulling my designs, and preventing purchases. I guess some animals are more equal than others, eh, comrades? Ha ha!
"America has fallen and wont get up under O'Bumbler"
By murphycd2, 4/29/2009 about
Really nice gallery! We, as freedom loving Americans, are in for a rough time until the lemmings finally wake up and realize their messianic cult leader is actually a klepto-crat tyrant without any clothes on and no one's interest in mind other than his own control of their lives and liberty. Either America needs an intervention and de-programming, or the American gene pool needs chlorine.
By Patriot_Resistance, 4/28/2009 about
Good designs, I like your creativity. I'm a fan.
By Blurtshirt, 4/23/2009 about
Hello from another Clevelander! Love your bumper stickers. Sorry to hear that one got pulled. I'm still loading all my designs from another site...I'll have to watch if mine offend any sensitivities.
"Urkel and Obama"
By gbulmash, 4/11/2009 about
My Urkel/Obama piece just got yanked too. Wasn't a complaint of racism, tho. According to Zazzle, Urkel's lawyers complained. Could probably fight it, but the thing sells so few copies...
"Another design deleted by Zazzle!"
By JWWright, 4/4/2009 about
My Gun Control bumper sticker was removed, it seems Zazzle finds some points of view not quite aligned with a particular persuasion... while others get a pass.
"your site"
By Sandiegodianna, 3/29/2009 about
is wonderful. I love the hot dog and a shake how cute. I am a fan now too. Dianna
By seapearls, 3/26/2009 about
PS If you want to see more of Alfonso Rachel For Free! Just Go To You Tube & Type In His Name
By Jill311, 3/24/2009 about
fun stuff! best wishes and many happy return$! and congrats on your tba!!!
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