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"4 cycle engine."
By Steve, 6/2/2015 about
I need a suck valve. Its leaking and messing up my squeeze cycle. When the squeaze cycle is off kilter the bang and blow don't work.
"Fratistatic demodulator"
By Steve, 6/2/2015 about
I need a fratistitic demodulator its sticking and causing the whipple valve to remain open when the air is still in the top of my tires thus causing a vibration at 55mph.
"Roof Scoop"
By MBW, 5/6/2015 about
Car needs air on the top end. Do you sell roof scoops? The car is also missing its blower. Do you know where she lives.
"MFFO - Ford"
By grizzle, 1/9/2015 about
Do you have a manual flip-flop override for the '79 Ford Eosinas (LTD)? I'd heard they'd been discontinued, which would break little Billy's heart. He loved to ride down to the Llamanary or the Shellfish Mouldery in the old FELTD. Sniffle.
"Kill Switch"
By Paulie Leadbetter, 11/11/2014 about
I keep looking for a 'Kill switch' for my car, but when I search under 'security', all I find are wussy alarms and things that just turn off the engine. Can you help?
"need parts"
By larry morse, 8/21/2014 about
I am in need of a good quality HECKLER BAR and also wondering if you have heard of a or know where I can get a ROLLER BEARING DIPSTICK? Also in need of a GAUNULATOR ASSEMBLY FOR A 1963 FURGO AIRSLICER ROADPLANE LX model. Thanks for your help
"Need for drag racing"
By bikedad, 4/4/2014 about
I have a tendency to constantly lose keys. Do you stock combination Line Locks? Can I change the combination in case someone guesses the old combo?
"Rewiring Project!"
By TR64EVER, 12/30/2013 about
Rewiring the TR6, not getting the smoke and flames like I used to so new harness going in. Do you have any Lucas Replacement Wiring Harness Smoke?
"Please help"
By Tony, 4/21/2013 about
I have a Chrysler Turbo Encabulator that I want to rebuild and I'm having difficulty finding parts,can you help?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXW0bx_Ooq4
"Product request..."
By oblivion, 1/2/2013 about
I have antilock brakes and they make me feel safe, but what happens if I'm in an accident and can't get out. Was wondering if you had any antilock doors in stock? Also was looking for rocker arm cozies for a Chevy 350...
"Headlamp fluid"
By Herp-a-Derp, 1/1/2013 about
Hi guys. My headlamp fluid is running a little low. Do you guys sell replacement fluid for headlamps or should I just use the blinker fluid? My mate tells me that the halogen fluid is the best one to use for headlamps...
"Pin needed"
By Bandit, 11/29/2012 about
I need a gudgeon pin for a six-stroke engine. Do you stock this item?
By tricguy007, 1/25/2012 about
Does any one know where I can get a distributor belt
"Rare wheels needed"
By BikerBoy, 6/8/2011 about
OK, not strictly cars, but does anyone have good wheels for an Otto cycle? I found what looked like a good pair and thought "Diesel do!" but they weren't compatible. So that idea backfired on me.
By , 1/31/2011 about
In order to locate the master cylinder, first find the slave cylinder. It will be the one with excessive carbon buildup. Then locate the chain connecting the slave to the master. Hope that helped.
By , 1/26/2011 about
Please air freight haul ship me ( 1 ) uni-synchronized-veebnemafelcher to the address below..... Bob's garage at Bob's house on Bob's street in Bob's town of the state Bob lives Thanx!! Uuh, Bob?
"muffler bearings"
By DUNBLONDE, 9/24/2010 about
i was told i need muffler bearings,how much will it cost to install?? ihave blonde hair
"rocket covers"
By okkkkk, 9/20/2010 about
I want to see some rockets i often see rocket covers for sale on ebay. And a long weight Also a 64 volkswagon beatle radiator
"Where is the limited edition"
By derfnosdod, 8/16/2010 about
I wanted to know if you had any more stock of the Danica Patrick Tampon Dispensers
By glen_01, 6/17/2010 about
My sparkplugs seem to run low on sparks. This is the second time this year. Do you sell new sparks in bulk ?
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