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Karmym is a self thought artist living in zurich. in my freetime I travelled the world or danced through the nights until I became father. exploring different cultures and different way of living was an important experience and an expansion of my interests. travelling was a going back to my roots. now I want to spent as much time as possible with my family and I'm travelling more inwards my soul and body. I practise yoga and meditation daily

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"Beautiful Products"
By Gloria Gypsy, 3/8/2014 about
Dear Karmyn, Good to see your beautiful creations here!
"Love rooted"
By Babs, 3/27/2011 about
Your love rooted is beautiful.
"Thank you"
By mareen, 1/21/2010 about
so much for stopping by my gallery and leaving such a wonderful comment. I love your colorful designs! Keep up the great work!! :-)
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