Winter Holidays!
Get Mugged (Ha. Puns.)
Super Duper
Tick Tock
Treehuggers & Peaceniks
Parental Units
Musical Kids
Maternity Tees!
Oil Pastels
Girls Rock
Fairy Tales
Write On!
4th of July (Independence Day)
Babies & Breeders
And then there's this stuff...
School's In
All You Need Is Love

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Cards and gifts with a sense of humor and an honest message. Art for children, for those who have children, and for those who appreciate childlike simplicity. Random weird doodles with an occasional subtext for peace, love and happiness, plus things that are much less random and go to a really great charity. Cute, without falling into "cutesy". The creations of a writer and illustrator, who is also a smart chick with awesome kids. If you find something you really like, feel free to share it with friends (or strangers, if that's what you're into). Click on the categories below, or just browse around! If you have ideas for something you'd like to see, leave a note on the facebook fan page, or shoot me an email at